Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Wordblooms are blooming lovely!

I've had my eye on these Wordbloom books for ages after I spotted them in the Summer. Shortly after that, I started seeing ads in CK for similar books by another manufacturer and there was a huge interest in them. I felt a bit for 2Daisies as it was their idea and then a bigger company seemed to get all the attention - and so I ordered from 2Daisies. I think its a moral thing and something to do with supporting the underdog, and in any case I had fully intended to order from them in the first place!

We ran a class with these books on Saturday and they were really popular. They are fast to put together and are something very different from the usual sort of mini-book project. I had a blast making up my sample but learnt a few important lessons along the way.....

1. the pages need to be covered with papers that contrast strongly with each other - light/dark or patterned/plain or it becomes impossible to read the word.

2. the space available for photos/journaling/embellishments is only the width of the solid area of the preceeding page - any photos etc that peek out start to mess with the word too!

3. these books are best bound with wire coils or large book rings or they tend to spread apart and make it difficult to see the word.

They are only £4.99 each and with a few bits and bobs from your stash can be a really cheap way to create a gift for someone special. My one is going to Dave's Mum for Christmas as she is cooking this year!

You can find these gorgeous Wordblooms at

Karen :o)

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Ready for club tomorrow?

Very unusually for me, I've been super-organised just lately and have had the page for club tomorrow put together for a while! Its a double page design based on a Becky Fleck sketch and the kit is great value for money as it includes a Crafter's Workshop 12x12 template. The papers are 7gypsies but I only used one of them and of the 4 sheets of cardstock in the kit there's still one I haven't touched so I can even knock out a few cards with what I have here - not bad eh?

Saying that though, I did add a few bits including a couple of sheets of black cardstock, black mini-brads and some hydrangeas which I had in my stash as I need to use some stuff up before we move. I have visions of us needing a whole other removal van for the shop stock and my personal stash, I HAVE to use up more of what I have here in my craft room because it doesn't seem to be going down much!!! I can see the local school inheriting a pile of cardstock, paper and stickers from me in the not-too-distant future :o)

If you're joining us tomorrow evening for club, don't panic if you don't have black cardstock and brads as I ordered some in for the shop especially for you!

Karen :o)

Monday, 26 November 2007

Recovering from the crop!!

It has been a long time since I laughed as much and as hard as I did at the crop on Saturday, it was such a fab day! I want to start off by thanking Mandy for teaching three gorgeous classes for us, she is such an amazing instructor and designer that its a real priviledge to have her as part of our team at the crops. I also want to thank my fairy godmother, Pauline. Without her I'd fall to pieces as she not only ran the shop all day for us but before the crop spend many a long hour packing the class kits and pricing the shop stock - thank you so very much for keeping me together!! I'm so blessed to have friends like these who are so amazingly supportive.

I think the highlight of the day had to be Dave appearing in his 'waiter' outfit after lunch - he had me in fits of laughter at home as he appeared wearing it for a giggle while we were getting ready to leave. I explained that the world might not be quite ready for him yet and suggested he try something a bit less revealing but we had a laugh in one of my classes when I told them the story. Later in the afternoon Dave had to pop back home for something and offered to get changed. I laughed that he wouldn't dare - a short while later the class erupted into screams of laughter as he appeared standing at the hatch behind me wearing it!! Thankfully Helen was together enough to grab her phone and take a few pics because I had completely lost it. What was funnier was that a few girls were disappointed that despite appearances, he didn't have the thong on too!

It was such a fun day, it was so fab to see everyone and this time around I actually had the time to get round and chat. We had a lovely mix of regulars and people who joined us for the first time which seemed to work well as the event didn't have a 'cliquey' feel which can sometimes be an issue. Despite being absolutely shattered by the end of the day, I am really looking forward to our next crop on 9th February. I can't promise semi-naked men again but I'm sure we'll have a laugh!!

Enjoy your Christmas pud.

Karen :o)

Friday, 23 November 2007

Sneak Peeks and photo/tool help for tomorrow

Family wordbloom class
You'll need to bring along a small piece of sandpaper, some 3d foam pads and a selection of photos ranging from 1" to 6" wide.

MME Frost class
The class sample uses two 6"x4" landscape photos - you'll also need to bring along 3d foam pads, double sided tape, a soft brown inkpad and a brown journaling pen (I have some in the shop if you need one).

Hearts & Chocolates
This class uses a 7" x 5" landscape photo plus a soft brown inkpad and some 3d foam pads.

7gypsies Hudson Valley
Bring along one 7" x 5" (or larger) portrait photo for this class plus some 3d foam pads, a black journaling pen, black inkpad and a paper pricker (a needle will do the trick just as well!).

Japanese Camelia
You'll need a 7" x 5" portrait photo, a white gel pen, a burgundy or turquoise gel pen and 3d foam pads.

MM St Nick class
Four 7" x 5" photos (portrait, landscape or a mixture)and eight 6" x 4" photos. Don't panic about getting so many photos together as Mandy assures me you'll have plenty to do in the class and may not get to the photo bit!

Calendar book
You will need to bring double-sided tape and some small photos.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Get in 'bloom'!!

I can finally breathe out - the last class for the crop this weekend has arrived! Talk about cutting it fine, that was too close for comfort :o) Anyway, I think it was worth the wait as its one of the hottest trends around at the moment, a wordbloom book. I loved these when I saw them in Vegas and have been desperate to get them for a class so I was so chuffed to get my hands on the delivery and get working on the class sample (plus thats another Christmas present sorted out!!).

I chose a 'Family' wordbloom as it probably has the broadest appeal and the one in the kit isn't the standard chipboard that needs to be covered. It is already patterned/coloured and so we can spend the time in the class actually putting it together which is great because its the last class of the day and I don't know about you but I need to be fresh for fiddly cutting around stuff! I am so pleased with the finished book, the colours are great for the whole family and it really didn't take that long to put together. The class kit contains the wordbloom book, co-ordinating patterned papers, cardstock, 6 yards of ribbons, flowers, a coiled wire spine and a fun coloured paperclip. You might want to bring along some white rub-ons or a white gel pen plus you'll definately need a small piece of sandpaper - you know me, I love to make a mess!! I bound my book together using the Bind-it-all and I'll have mine there in class so you can finish your book while playing!

We are very busy right now sorting the new stock for the shop on Saturday and packing the class kits but I'll keep you posted and try to get some sneak peeks up on here as soon as I can. Take care, Karen :o)

Friday, 9 November 2007

Get ready for My Little Shoebox!

The penultimate class for the crop this month will go on sale tomorrow and its a beautiful kit using products from the My Little Shoebox 'Japanese Camelia' line. I've asked Mandy to teach this class as I know she'll more than do it justice, Mandy seems to be in her element when she's surrounded by beautiful papers and plenty of ribbon and as a result her classes are stunning! I fell head over heels with this company when we were in Vegas, they are pretty new on the scene but the owner has a great eye and was so sweet when we met her.

The class kit contains cardstock, 3 double sided patterned papers, 3 packs of die-cut embellishments, a whole pack of ribbons and a transparency sheet - all of which are just gorgeous!!! The kit will go on sale tomorrow morning at 9am so be sure to reserve your place because this is a 'must have' kit!

Did you watch 'The Mummy Diaries' last night? If ever there was a reason to spur anyone to scrapbook, this program made it loud and clear. The diaries and memory boxes produced by the terminally ill mothers were a beautiful legacy for their children. While I hope to live a full, long and healthy life, I am comforted by the knowledge that there will always be something of me left behind on my scrapbook pages for those I love. I am now determined to journal more on my pages so that they are meaningful and not just pretty decorated pages with photos stuck on. I've had more journaling on my layouts of late but the program really struck a chord with me. If you didn't get to see it, I can highly recommend it - tune into Channel 4 on Thursdays at 9pm.

Karen :o)

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

New crop class up tomorrow

The final deliveries of class materials for the crop are starting to arrive now and the one that came in today is just gorgeous. It uses the new 'Frost' line from My Mind's Eye and is beautifully wintry, a nice change from the Christmas papers that are coming out right now. The kit contains 5 patterned papers, a 12x12 die-cut sheet, cardstock, a pack of ribbons and a transparency frame. They will go on sale at 7pm tomorrow evening and I fully expect that places will go quickly so be sure to grab yours!!

The other thing that was in the delivery was the new Autumn Leaves 'Designing with 2008' calendar. These are so much more than a calendar, they are a daily source of inspiration and ideas from the design team at Autumn Leaves. Last year I couldn't get enough of these and even ended up bringing some back from the US in our cases as they were so popular! You can find them on the shop site at

Karen :o)

Saturday, 27 October 2007

2 more classes now open for booking - and going fast!

The next two classes for the November crop went up this morning and are already going fast. The first is a 16" x 20" canvas class using the new BasicGrey Figgy Pudding papers and alphabet stickers together with some fab 9" MDF letters (I know my Dad will shudder at the thought of anyne using MDF - he's a real wood kinda guy!! LOL!). I was pleasantly surprised at the Figgy Pudding papers, they are double sided which is a first for BG and I like at least one side of all of them which is a first for me!! As its a Christmas canvas I'm not sure where mine will get to hang this year - I'm hoping it'll be the new house but who knows??

The second class is from 7gypsies and is a LO using the Hudson Valley line. I thought that these papers had more than a hint of Anna Griffin to them and would make a lovely change of pace. I'm going to have to dig through my heritage photos to find something that will do them justice!

I'm away for the next week as I have my examiner's hat on - I'm not sure if there's internet access where I'm staying but I'm taking the laptop anyway. I've stocked up on a couple of good books so at the very least I'll get some reading done but I'd rather be getting on with some work! If there's access I'll be back during the week - otherwise I'll catch up next weekend! Karen :o)

Thursday, 25 October 2007

New class now booking!

The third class for our crop next month is now available to book through the shop - this one is a bit different, its a calendar book! I found this class when we were at Memory Trends and loved the sample that was at the show, its part diary, part year planner, part birthday book, part journal, part album - in fact its part-anything-you-want-to-use-it-for!! As the crop is a month before Christmas I thought it would make an ideal gift as well, but I don't want to let mine go!

For those of you who can't make it to the crop I have a class on the shop just for you - you can now order the Scribble Scrabble kit from our last crop and take the class at home (or wherever you want to!). With cardstock, 6 sheets of double-sided patterned paper, 12x12 sheet of die-cut alphabet and 6x12 sheet of die-cut shapes, this kit is great value plus you get the instructions for the class project as well.

You can find both these fab classes at

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

New class up tomorrow

Things are hotting up here in preparation for the Total Papercrafts crop on 24th November - the first two classes I released last week have sold out! The third class will go on sale tomorrow evening at 7pm and its another fab one plus you'll be taught by Mandy Webb - ticks all the boxes as far as I'm concerned :o)

The class is a gorgeous calendar book that you can use as a diary, birthday book, journal or whatever you want (plus its perfect for a Christmas gift!). Every page is decorated so you'll come away with a stunning finished result. With patterned papers, cardstock, book and ribbons in the kit, you will have a blast creating this lovely project - and a laugh with the ever bubbly Mandy!!

I continue to be surprised at how quickly the classes sell out, so be sure to grab your place quickly! You'll find the classes at

Karen :o)

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Class for club tomorrow

With only a week between my two club meetings this month I've been a bit pushed for time to get everything done but I've managed to get the page together for tomorrow! The kit we are using is from Making Memories and is travel themed - perfect for any of those holiday snaps or the pics you take but never seem to get around to getting onto a scrapbook page.

There is so much in the kit you will definitely have enough to make a double page layout - you could just make a mirror image of this page for the second one if you get stuck. I have one each of the three patterned papers left after making this page so there really is masses to play with.

I added some ribbon, a flower, a metal rimmed tag, monogram letters and a glass map pebble to my page but the letters can be cut with a die-cutting system and most of us still have some of those metal rimmed tags knocking around in our stash from years ago! I want to encourage you to go through your stash and actually use some of it - I have stuff I haven't touched for years (mainly because I don't seem to get the time to design anything except class projects just lately!). So while we're on the subject of stuff you've had for ages - what scrapbook supplies have you had for the longest without using them? (Mine is a load of Making Memories metal plaques - and I mean a LOAD!! LOL!).

See you at club tomorrow if you're joining us!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Teaser for club next week

True to my usual ditzy form - I forgot to take next week's kit along to club last night so I thought the easiest thing to do was to just pop a pic of it on here. The kit is travel themed with products by Making Memories and includes cardstock, 6 sheets of patterned paper, 144 postage stamp alphabet stickers, 112 wordfetti stickers, 13 chipboard stickers and 10 ephemera stickers. Its a kit stuffed full of goodies so be sure to reserve yours asap with Pauline.

I'm getting stuck into a stock take at the moment so the shop site looks a bit naked but I'm going as fast as I can to get everything back up on there - and some of it is going into the sale at crazy prices! I just can't bear the thought of moving with it all so we need to trim back now and then I can buy some lovely new stuff to take its place!!

The new CK, Simple Scrapbooks and Papercrafts magazines arrived this morning and have gone straight onto the shop (they are about all that is on there right now!) so feel free to stop them feeling lonely and offer them a new home. LOL :o)

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Club LO for this week

Apologies for the delay in getting this designed for club this week but I'm juggling a million things at the moment including driving over to Essex from Kent to go house hunting after accepting an offer on ours! Its exciting to go shopping for a new house but when its the other side of the river, everything takes so much longer. Keep your fingers crossed for me as we have put in an offer on a place today!

This week we use Hambly overlays and black & white patterned papers for a dramatic monochrome page. The kit includes 2 grey cardstock, 1 black and 1 white cardstock, 2 patterned papers, ribbon and a flower. I added a BasicGrey label holder and some brads to create this page with a masculine edge - no flower used on mine! I'll print off the template for the scroll border for everyone as it is so late in the day - I can't expect you to print it yourself in time for club. My photo is 7.5" x 5.5" but there are a number of different sizes of frames on the overlay sheet so you can use more than one photo or a different size as you prefer.

Take care, Karen :o)

Monday, 8 October 2007

What a crop!

Wow - what a day we had on Saturday! First of all I just want to thank you all for coming along because without you there wouldn't have been a crop. Despite being in the classroom all the time I at least I got to see everyone, next time we have the fabbo Mandy Webb back with us teaching so you'll get a break from me!! The energy and enthusiasm of everyone was what kept me going after only 2 hours sleep (plus a few cans of Red Bull!!) so thank you once again - we get such lovely people at our crops!

I also want to thank my parents, Dad for keeping everyone supplied with tea, coffee and cake and Mum for running errands and spending time with everyone in the cropping room. A HUGE thank you to Pauline for running the shop for me (because I couldn't be in two places at one time!) I've never run things as smoothly or as accurately as you did all day, consider yourself booked for next time if you're free! I also want to thank Dave for putting up with a house full of boxes for the past week and for then shipping them out to the crop and back again at the end of the day. And last of all thank you to our boys for being so incredibly well-behaved, I forgot they were even there!

Anyway - Oscar speech over!! Ready to do it all over again? Our next crop is November 24th and we have only one or two places left if you would like to join us, you can book online through the shop (link is on the right of here). I'm going to start releasing the first of the classes this week, probably Friday evening so be sure to get yourself booked on quickly so you can grab yourself some amazing classes.

As I didn't get to spend much time just chatting with everyone during the crop I thought I'd ask those of you who were there on Saturday for feedback - what did we do well and what could we improve on for next time? I've already thought of a couple of improvements, like having squash available for those who don't drink tea or coffee (or are sick of it after 12 hours!) and having a full hour set side for lunch so we can all stop and take a rest but I'd really like to know your thoughts. If you weren't with us at the weekend, I'm still really interested to know what do you look for in a good crop and what really irritates you?

Take care, Karen (with achey feet and sore back!! LOL!)

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Timetable for Saturday

After a couple of calls this afternoon I thought it might help if I post a schedule for the classes on Saturday so you'll know what you're doing and when. So here goes.....

9am Crop is open

10am 7gypsies Beach Book class

11.30am Junkitz Fanciful class

1pm Daisy Ds album class

2.30pm Scribble Scrabble class

4pm Making Memories Funky Vintage class

5.30pm BasicGrey Mellow class

7pm Frances Meyer Egypt class

9pm Crop is over!

At some point you'll need to have lunch and dinner but when depends on your individual class schedule. You can bring along something to cook in the oven or microwave if you want something warm to eat - or we have the use of the fridge for sarnies etc. We have loads of cake (chocolate fudge and carrot cake) and endless teas and coffees to keep you going throughout the day.

Crop address

I know that quite a few people are travelling a distance to join us for the crop on Sturday so I thought it would be a good idea to post the full address of the venue for you.

Here goes.....

Meopham Village Hall, Wrotham Rd, Meopham, Kent, DA13 0AT

Its easy to drive straight past it as it is very close to the road but not that well signposted - its within 50m of Meopham Secondary school so if you can get yourself there you are in the right area. Just make sure you drive nice and slowly and you'll see us!!

Two peeks this time!

I realised today that I wouldn't have enough days to have peeks every day and still leave time for getting photos ready for those who are coming to the crop so I've put 2 up!! The first is the peek of the page for the 'Egypt' class - like I said, no pyramids and the like, just lovely watery blues and greens with some black and white. I've gone for a masculine page for this one as we've had a few girlie ones and the boys needed a bit of a look-in!

I used a 6" x 4" portrait photo and two small 3" x 2" portrait photos for this page but it would work just as well with a single large landscape pic if you prefer. You'll need some 3d foam pads and a little scrap of sandpaper for the class but not a lot else outside of your normal tools.

The second peek is of the Making Memories Funky Vintage class - this was a kit that everyone I showed thought would be very hard to use together but funnily enough I had a blast using it. I used pics of the fab hotel suite we had in Vegas but the page is really versatile and would work with loads of different themes - just grab one 7" x 5" landscape and two smaller portrait photos (not essential if you can't find any!) and you'll have a smashing page!

If you have a creamy brown inkpad then bring it along with you but you won't need much else.

Tomorrow I'll give you a peek at the Daisy Ds album class and that'll be your lot!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Junkitz Fanciful class peek

This is another of my favourites out of the classes for the crop this weekend - the Junkitz Fanciful class. The kit is stuffed full of goodies and I was hard pressed to fit in something of everything that is in there! You'll definately have enough over to make another page out of this one.

I used one 6" x 4" landscape photo and three 3" x 2" portrait ones which I printed in sepia as the papers are in creams/pinks/greens and blues and I couldn't find anything where we all had those colours on! You might want to pop a creamy brown chalk inkpad into your toolkit for this class but thats about all you'll need (don't panic to find one as I'll have them in the shop!).

Drop by tomorrow for a peek at the Funky Vintage page......

Monday, 1 October 2007

Scribble Scrabble class peek

Here's the next peek at what we'll be up to on Saturday - the Scribble Scrabble class. I love doing girlie pages and this class is definately one for the girls! The papers and embellishments are all shades of pinks, burgundies and a punch of complimentary green and I just had to use some photos of Melissa with them as she's such a girlie girl!

As far a photos go, you'll need a couple of 6x4 portrait pics - I chose a standard size this time as I know I sometimes go a bit 'off-piste' as far as the sort of photos I design with. Hopefully this should make it easier for you to find and choose a couple of photos to go with this class. You can alays opt for one larger photo, I just tried to get out of my comfort zone and use more because otherwise there's a danger that all my classes could end up looking the same! LOL!

If you have a pale pink chalk inkpad you might want to pop that into your toolbag together with some 3d foam pads but you won't need anything else special for this one (and even these aren't essential!).

I'm really looking forward to this weekend especially as Kathy, one of my oldest scrapbooking friends is coming down from Chester for the crop. One of the best parts of running a crop is the chance to make new friends and catch up with old ones - we immediately have something in common with this hobby and so the barriers are down right away. I spend most of the day laughing and go home with both my feet aching from standing all day and my cheeks aching from smiling :o)

Drop by tomorrow for a peek at the Junkitz Fanciful class.......

Mellow class sneak peek

Well here we go counting down the days to next Saturday and our crop! We mark each one of these countdowns with sneak peeks of the classes we'll be doing and we kick off with the BasicGrey 'Mellow' class.

I used an 8" x 8" square photo with a good strong focalpoint for this one so its definitely worth printing off a larger than normal pic before you come (or pop into the photo processing section at the supermarket and get them to do it for you!). There isn't any particular theme to this page and so it will go with a wide range of different types of photo - even a heritage one. The colours are browns, creams, greens and a dash of orange - really autumnal if you are stuck for inspiration!

You won't need any special tools for this class except perhaps a paper piercer for the brads and a brown inkpad if you have one - I used a creamy brown chalk inkpad but don't panic about getting one before you come as they will be in the shop.

Check in tomorrow for the next peek at the Scribble Scrabble class!

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Last 2 classes

The products for the last two crop classes arrived this week and they are now on the shop site at to book. I was nice and early with getting them onto the site today and there must have been some early risers poised ready as the classes started to fly out straight away. I've even had phone calls from the stamping and scrapbooking show at Ally Pally booking places!

The pics here are the sneak peeks of the kit contents and as usual we have loads of great stuff in these classes. The BasicGrey class is one of my favourites as it uses the new 'Mellow' line and is in gorgeous autumnal colours. I love the page I have put together for this class - it makes me feel all warm inside. I'll post a sneak peek on here of the actual samples for all of the classes throughout the coming week - together with numbers and sizes of the photos I used for each.

The other class uses Frances Meyer products - a new manufacturer for me but I was drawn to the lovely cool colours of this paper line and loved the fact that there was co-ordinating chipboard as well. I've added a pack of rub-ons and a chalk inkpad in one of the most used colours in my toolkit to make this a great value class. I hope you like it anyway!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Sneak Peek at the Making Memories class for Oct 6th crop

The Making Memories class for the 6th October crop sold out within minutes which meant that not many had the chance to even get a look at it. For this reason I've uploaded the kit peek here so you can see what was in it. It might be possible for me to get hold of some more kits if enough people want it - I just can't fit everyone into the classroom as it has a limit of 25!

The kit is from the new Funky Vintage line and includes papers, cardstock, blossoms, brads, word fetti, ephemera stickers and an alphabet. Let me know if you are interested and I'll add you to the list for collection at the crop.

Karen :o)

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

One for the boys.....

No, there's nothing rude to see here - move along now!! I'm referring to the lovely masculine colours of the kit I'm using at my club tomorrow and this is the page that I'll be teaching with it. I've loved Fancy Pants papers for ages and have had them in the shop for quite a while and the Dapper range has to be one of my favourites. I love the warm mix of browns and pale blue and who knew that our eldest would happen to be wearing clothes that matched it perfectly as I snapped him in the garden on a gloriously sunny day?!!

I'm usually a one-photo kind of designer, I love finding that single picture that captures everything I want to say on my scrapbook pages but I know that not everyone likes to work like that and so I forced myself out of creative niche! I used three 6x4 photos that I then cropped down to the focal points and I'm really happy with the end result - hope those of you who are coming to club tomorrow like it too!

I added Fancy Pants Dapper rub-ons to my design as I've been desperate to use them for ages - I have in the shop at but can always order more if they have gone before you get to them, just let me know you want some!

Take care, Karen :o)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

This week's club kit

My nerves are frazzled after going almost to the wire waiting for the materials for this week's club kit. There was a huge mix-up at the wholesaler with my account manager being away on holiday and then the order missing the courier - I had just about lost hope of ever getting this kit together but one of the boxes I was waiting for arrived this morning!

I absolutely love this page, it uses the DCWV Once Upon a Time papers and chipboard and I found the design on the DCWV website and knew it would be a something everyone would like to make. We've had these papers as stacks and they flew out - I had to re-order them twice which is unheard of! I was never really drawn to them because I thought I wasn't a glittery girl but it appears that I've found my inner glitter bug and have changed my mind!

The kit is the usual great value for money - the RRP of the chipboard is more than the kit price so it has to be! If you are joining us tomorrow evening, your kit will contain cardstock, 2 patterned papers, a whole pack of chipboard, flowers and brads. You just need to bring some 3D foam pads and your basic tools.

I'm off to pack the kits now - and to start praying that the rest of the order arrives today like I was promised!

Take care, Karen :o)

Monday, 16 July 2007

New from Canada!

Mum & Dad flew back Saturday morning from a fortnight's holiday in Canada and very kindly brought a big box of new stuff I had ordered through my Canadian wholesaler back with them! Dave grabbed the box and brought it to the Scrapaholic Roadshow where we had the shop on Saturday so that the girls could get first dibs. There is some left (but not much I have to be honest!) and if you are attending my club this Wednesday you'll get to have second dibs!

I have some new stamps from Art Warehouse - the interactive circles. These are not as 'lovey-dovey' as the other set we had arrive not so long ago and are sure to go quickly. There are also some gorgeous rub-ons from Daisy Ds, Bo Bunny and Art Warehouse!

Some of the paper for one of the October crop classes was in the order - but not everything and so I can't yet release the class. I should have another one ready to go very soon, perhaps the end of this week, the beginning of next so you shouldn't have long to wait. I had a chat with a few girls who missed out on the last class release because it was during their working day and so I have promised to be fair to them with an evening release for the next ones - it was a good point and something I hadn't thought about if I'm honest. So I renew my promise to be a bit more considerate!

The class project for my club has been held up and I'm still waiting for the materials to arrive - aaaaagggggghhhhhh!!! It will be here tomorrow and I can let you know that it will be using 'Once Upon a Time' papers from DCVW. I think seeing Shrek 3 at the weekend has made me come over all 'fairytale' - brace yourselves for the after-effects of the Transformers movie!!! LOL!!!

Karen :o)

Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Holy heck!! I put the third class for our crop in October onto the site on Monday afternoon and it sold out in an hour!! I'm absolutely stunned that these classes are so very popular. I really try to put together something that I'd like to do myself and I know that the competition is stiff out there so its a reall boost to see the classes fly out as it lets me know I'm getting something right.

I've had quite few emails from people attending the crop who didn't get the chance to even see the class kit before it sold out and so for all of you - I have added the kit pic above, not to tease you but to give you an idea of what sort of things might be in the other two scrapbook page kits. I'm thinking of doing an Anna Griffin class and I'm rather partial to Autumn Leaves - so I might be drawn down to one or both of these but I haven't decided yet. Rest assured that there will be a good mix styles, colours and designs - I know not everyone wants albums full of florals!!

Otherwise, life is pretty much the same although I am nursing a horrible ear infection that for the moment has made me deaf in my left ear and in a bit of pain - crikey, if it isn't one thing, its another! Be gentle with me at club tonight girls!! Karen :o)

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Real. Life. Scrapbooking.

We had our magazine delivery from the States today and as well as the fabulous Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks mags we also received copies of the new book from Simple Scrapbooks. Real.Life.Scrapbooking is absolutely gorgeous! I had a flick through and was blown away with this book, I don't do clean and simple scrapbooking - its just not my style but the designs in this book are lovely. the thing that captured my attention was the stunning journaling - perfectly in keeping with my theme for this month! Rebecca Cooper and the other designers featured show you amazing ways to write your journaling, playing with fonts, size and colour to create captivating pages. I only have 6 copies here but I may just have to get one to come and live at home with me!!

Rescue the other copies from - quickly!! LOL!!

Karen :o)

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Get journaling!

I spent a happy few hours today putting together this page for my club next week - the technique is journaling and the papers etc. are new from Sandylion. I loved the idea of the questions on the paper when I chose it and thought it would make a good prompt for anyone who struggles with what to journal. I saw a fab page from another club organiser this week who had cut out specific questions and added them in strips to her page and then got her 6 year old daughter to actually write her answers directly onto the page! How brave was that?!! I'd have been pooping myself that they would have had a 'mad crayon' moment and scribbled over the whole thing - we had the walls to prove it not that long ago!! I think Melissa would love to do that but both of the boys at 6 would have been crayon mad!

For once I handwrote my journaling. I prefer to use the computer because I can get more into a small space but it was quite fun to add little bits of my own handwriting to the journaling stickers in the kit. I even made a hidden journaling block that slides under the photo for the main body of my writing (the bit with the torn notebook effect edge). I used my Art Warehouse circle stamps on this page as I absolutely LOVE them! Each circle is a seperate stamp and so you can create loads of different effects from this one collection - fabulous idea! I have a few of these left if anyone wants them - grab them quickly as they are sure to go next week!! You can find these stamps and lots more gorgeousness at

K x

Monday, 18 June 2007

New K&Co!!

The new delivery of K&Co is just in and I just love it. The Bailey collection has to be my favourite but they all have something different to offer and thats really great as there is sure to be something for everyone!

I decided to use the amazing Bailey scrap kit for my club this week and eventually found the time today to design the project! I really love the soft colours of the papers and you get 8 sheets in this kit plus an epoxy alphabet, chipboard words and 3d floral embellishments. These are such great value for money and if you are stuck for inspiration they even give you page ideas on the back of the pack! If you can join us for the class you get the kit at a reduced price plus the instructions for the page and the templates!! (Plus this week we'll be having cake to celebrate two birthdays - mine and Val's!!!).

As well as the scrap kits in a number of different designs, we also have ribbons (totally gorgeous!!), rub-ons (I used one of the sets on the page above and they are divine!) plus the oh-so-cute tag pads which are perfect little tags of patterned papers that have spaces for your journaling. I'm bursting to make something just using these tag pads as they are fab - and really cheap at only £1.60 each!

Take care! K xx

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The 2nd October crop class is up!

It seems really odd to be releasing the classes for the October crop with 4 months to go but these things have a habit of catching me up all of a sudden and biting me on the bum - and so today I have the 2nd class up and ready for booking! I fell crazy in love with the Daisy D's 'Chasing Butterflies' line and so decided that we had to have this for a class! The class project is a stunning vintage look album that can be used for just about any theme of photos - male or female, travel or family, anything goes!

The kit contains 24 sheets of patterned papers, 4 sheets of die-cut flowers, tabs, photo corners, journaling blocks and more - plus chipboard, book rings and a pack of ribbons. This is amazing value for money as you will create an entire album in the class for only £8.50!! You can book the class online at if you have booked for the October crop.

If you weren't able to book the October crop, why not join us in November when we'll be offering more classes and getting well and truly into the Christmas spirit (heck - I'm talking about Christmas already and we've only just started Summer!!!!) You can book your place at - hurry as we only have a few left!

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Hampton Art stamps are in the house!

Back in February we attended the Stitches trade show and ordered a load of the utterly gorgeous Hampton Art stamp sets. We have been patiently waiting for the order to arrive (and anyone who knows me, knows I don't do well with patient!!) - in fact the original shipment apparently got lost en route from the US! Our patience paid off and today we have a whole load of fabulous new stamps in stock!

I had the chance to play with these stamps at Memory Trends in Vegas last year and had a blast with them - here's the sample project we made using a couple of sets mixed together. I love the interactive circles and harlequins as you can mix and match the different stamps to make a new stamp every time you use them, adding more stamps as you prefer. Plus the brand new journaling stamps can be used on their own or added to the circles and harlequins to make even more options! I am totally in love with these stamps - you'll probably have to prise them out of my hands!!

We also have some amazing stamps for ATC lovers - check out the ATC alphabet which was designed by Claire Hampton (former owner of Card Fairy and fabbo designer!) specifically to fit onto an ATC. We also have wood mounted ATC signature stamps so you can add your details to your mini works of art.

Happy stamping!

Karen :o)

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

1st October crop class is up!!

Wow - it seems like only 5 minutes ago we were releasing the classes for the May crop and here we are launching the October ones already! I wanted to get on the ball quickly and find amazing products that would make great classes and guess what - I have done! I'll probably have the second class up sometime this week too (and its totally fab)!! I'm not known for being the most organised person in the world but just lately I've got my act together and I'm well on top of the crops!

So, the first class for October will be a great way to showcase all your holiday snaps in one absolutely stunning album from 7gypsies. The theme is beach/holiday and as we should all have had a Summer break by the time we meet up again, I thought it would be a great project to bring back the sunshine (it will be October and lets face it, it's likely to be cold and wet!!). If you took the 7gypsies class last time, this one is a LOT more straightforward - you won't gain any more grey hairs, I promise!! LOL!

The kit contains 3 sheets of 7gypsies paper, a 7gypsies spiral bound album, a sheet of 97% complete stickers, a sheet of rub-ons, 3d adhesive mount and a metal index tab - you just need to bring along your photos to complete this gorgeous album. The retail value of the class is over £15 - all for only £8.50! The places are limited and we sell out every time.

You can book your crop place and classes at

Karen :o)

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

New crop dates up!

The crop on Saturday was a blast! We managed to get the hall set up the night before and so only had the shop to deal with in the morning - saying that, there were a few eager beavers who arrived not long after we did and helped with the shop by buying stuff as we were setting it up (you know who you are!! LOL!). It was such a chilled out day, I even had time to chat to people and check out what they were working on - there was some stunning work in the main cropping room!

We had a shop delivery mid-morning which caused a bit of a stir, we had a crowd around as we unpacked the boxes and there were loads of "oooohs" and "aaaaaahs" - such a laugh!! We got the same thing again when we brought out our 'bargain boxes' towards the end of the day - flagging scrapbookers can always be revived with a great bargain!!

So, we've confirmed the dates for the next 2 crops this year - Saturday 6th October and Saturday 24th November. We opened booking at the crop and offered a free gift if you book before this coming Saturday 26th May. I've put the crop on the shop site now and am offering the same deal - book before midnight on the 26th and you'll get a free gift!

BTW - apologies for the Blog silence yesterday, we were at court sorting out a divorce settlement - what fun!! NOT!

Take care, Karen :o)

Friday, 18 May 2007


I'm just back from the venue for our crop after setting up the tables and bits for tomorrow - just the shop to do in the morning (and thats the biggest job of all!!). The kids found it all a great adventure and were more than happy to lug chairs around to help out with the setting up! You'll have loads of space to put your totes etc and there's a fab kitchen that Dad has already claimed as his domain for the day so if you want a cuppa and a biscuit, he's your guy!!

The full address for the hall is....Meopham Village Hall, Wrotham Rd, Meopham, Kent, DA13 0AT.

To get to it, you need to take the Istead Rise / Meopham (Tollgate) exit from the A2 and follow signs for Meopham. Its just one straight, long road from the A2 (Wrotham Road) although Meopham is a very long village so don't get worried that it seems a long way! Look out for Meopham Secondary school on your right (there's a sports centre, GP surgery and nursery school on the same site) and the hall is about 400 yards on your left opposite a sign for Office Furniture.

There's plenty of parking at the back of the hall and we'll be providing teas, coffees, biscuits and cakes during the day. Just remember to bring yourself some lunch - papercrafting can be hungry work!! LOL!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Beary Patch album class sneak peek!

Here we go with the last sneak peek for the crop on Saturday - the Beary Patch album. Mandy has designed a gorgeous album for this class which includes the Add-a-page punch tool for you to keep!!

If you are taking the Beary Patch class you'll need to bring; a glue stick, hammer,bone folder and double sided tape. Grab a stack of 6" x 4" photos - and you'll have the album completed in no time! (BTW Mandy used B&W photos in her sample).

I've already got the cakes (carrot and chocolate of course!) plus Haribo, Jelly Bellys and Cadburys Buttons for on the tables - absolutely nothing healthy at all!! LOL! I'll post directions here tomorrow for anyone who isn't sure of where they are going. If you have any questions you can leave a comment here or email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :o)

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

7gypsies 'Travelogue' class - sneak peek!

Tonight we present the third of our crop class 'sneak peeks' - the 7gypsies 'Travelogue' class! This project provides masses of space for photos and journaling on a travel theme. The kit is stuffed full of gaffer tape, rub-ons,papers and more - its sold out of course, like all of the classes!!

If you are taking the class you will need; 6" x 4" travel themed photos - colour or black and white will both work equally well, a bone folder and strong glue (double sided tape will work).

This class is being taught by the fab Mandy Webb so be prepared to have a blast!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Collage Press class sneak peek!

OK, here we go with the sneak peek at the Collage Press 'Fresh' class for Saturday. I used a B&W baby photo that I cropped down from 7" x 5" to around 4.5" x 5" but 7" x 5" will fit perfectly onto this page and a number of smaller photos would work just as well. There is so much cardstock in this kit you could even make a double page out of this design - just bring lots of photos in the same theme. The design is not specifically 'baby' so it would work just as well with a whole range of different types of photos, just think 'fresh' and you'll be on the right track!

As far as tools and materials go, you'll need a small piece of fine grade sandpaper or a sanding block, small white rub-on lettering or a white gel pen and a paper pricker or needle - thats it!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Daisy Ds sneak peek!

Ok - brace yourself, the teasers for the crop classes will be posted this week together with the list of tools you'll need and photos. The first up is the Daisy Ds class which very definately needs two 6" x 4" landscape 'family' themed photos. I used colour but black & white or sepia would work as well.

You'll need to bring a black or dark grey inkpad, 3d foam pads and a bone folder for the class which includes a huge hidden space for journaling or more photos!! The great thing about daisy ds papers is that they can be used just as easily for modern photos as for heritage styles so practically anything goes!

Keep popping back for peeks at the other classes! :o)

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Playing catch-up

So where has the week gone? I'm now suffering from blogger's guilt (as if Catholic guilt wasn't enough! LOL) - I've neglected my blog for the sake of a million other things but now I've finally managed to scrape some time together to sit down and write!

What have I been up to? Well, I've had to get on with stuff for the crop as its now only 9 days away (how did that happen?) and prepare the project for my club next Wednesday - hence the pics. We're making a gorgeous 7gypsies 'Fit to be Tied' album using a load of 7G prodcuts including the album, patterned papers, gaffer tape, ribbon and the page inserts. I decided to make an album of Jack's recent school trip to Rome - it was his first overseas trip without either of us parents and I felt it was a real milestone. He was very nonchalant about it all and absolutely mortified as I kissed him goodbye at the airport!! I packed 2 disposable cameras in his bag in the vain hope that he would remember to take some pics and that the cameras would actually make it home. To be honest, he did me proud - he bought 5 more cameras during the trip and then gave them to me as my gift (his Dad got a crystal paperweight so I definitely got the better deal!!). Not all the photos came out and some needed a bit of help in Photoshop but overall I was chuffed to bits and I had plenty to fill up this album for him.

If you're coming to club remember to email Pauline to reserve your kit and request the instructions as we have a limited number of kits this time. Bring along a glue stick and bone folder plus loads of embellishments, rub-ons and bits and bobs - with this album, more is definitely more!!

Take care, K :o)

Friday, 4 May 2007

Sold out!!

I am chuffed to bits - the crop and all the classes are completely SOLD OUT!! I am in shock - completely stunned that the crop is doing so well and that the classes are as popular as they have been. I'll give you a 'heads-up' that I'm planning to run 2 more crops this year, one in September and another in November, it just depends on the availability of the halls but as soon as I've got confirmed dates I'll get them posted.

I have been deluged with emails from people who live too far away to make it to Kent for the crop but who are desperate for the crop classes. I'd have loved to sell them kits but there weren't enough places in the class for everyone attending, never mind selling them to people who weren't. If I had, there was a distinct possibility that all the kits from at least one class would have been sold to people who weren't there and I'd have an empty classroom! At least it looks like we have the right idea with the sort of classes we are running and the amount of product we are including.

I'll be putting litle peeks of the class projects up on here over the next couple of weeks so you will get an idea of what we'll be doing, together with photo sizes and how many you need for each one. If you need any additional tools I'll make sure to post that onhere as well. If you can think of anything else you need from me, email or post the question here and I'll get back to you asap.

Take care and have a great Bank Holiday weekend if I don't make it back on here before it ends!! Karen :o)

Thursday, 3 May 2007

The final class is up today!!

The fourth and final class for our crop on 19th May has arrived today and is now available to book online at

This scrapbook page class uses the stunning Beacon Hill line from Daisy D's and the kit includes 6 sheets of patterned paper,cardstock, die-cut letters/words and 2 complete packs of rub-ons! The retail value of the kit is over £15 and as usual we are offering it at the great value price of £7.50! All of the other class kits have sold out so be sure to grab yours quickly to avoid being disappointed.

Carolyn S - you were first to book this time!! (Now thats keen!!)

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

The 3rd of our crop classes is up!!

With less than 3 weeks to go until the Total Papercrafts crop, deliveries are arriving thick and fast!! The materials for our 3rd class are here - '7gypsies Travelogue'. This is a fab class, stuffed full with goodies and an amazing album that will make a great place for those photos of a special holiday or journey. The equally fab Mandy will be teaching this class - I think she's addicted to 7gypsies products!

The kits is huge - 6 sheets of patterned paper, a portfolio, an entire sheet of 7g rubbings, drop spirals, 97% complete tags, a clear button, a sheet of 97% complete stickers, arrow photo turns, elastic, brown harlequin gaffer tape, brown measurement gaffer tape, 2 metal index tabs, cardstock and brads! Phew - all that for only £8.50 plus the priceless fun of Mandy's teaching! LOL!!

The places in this class are very limited so if you plan on joining us, grab your place now!

Karen :o)

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The 2nd crop class is up!

The kits for the second of the classes to be run on our crop day on 19th May have just arrived and I absolutely love this stuff!! We are using Collage Press for this class in shades of aqua and lilac - really fresh and summery! The class kit contains 3 sheets of double sided patterned paper, 4 sheets of cardstock, a 12x12 sheet of die-cut tabs and tags plus a WHOLE PACK of decorated chipboard alphabet. This is really amazing value because the retail cost of this kit is over £15 and we are selling it for only £7.50.

As you can tell, we aren't in this to make money - its more about getting people together and having a great time scrapbooking. I have Pauline in mind as my customer when I design these kits - if she'd buy it because its a great kit at a great price then I know I'm onto a winner! I hope you think so too - if so, you can book both the crop and our classes at

Karen :o)

May CK is here!

I love getting magazine and book deliveries - probably because they are the things that I would spend my money on if I was scrapbook shopping! While I was in the shower today the doorbell rang and as I was expecting Pauline to come over, I got out and answered the door dripping wet! I don't know who was more surprised, the UPS man or me to see the May CKs were here :o) I had hoped that it would be the restock of 'Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking' but that would have been pretty darn fast service!

I've managed to find 5 mins to have a flick through and as usual this month's CK is ful of ideas and inspiration. There is a free download section this month as part of the 'Mothers Day Gifts' feature - really nice titles, tiny gift tags, hand drawn designs and CD labels. You can find them at I keep forgetting that Mother's Day is different in North America - Mum was in Canada for ours last month and so missed out on the celebrations here and now is back in the UK and misses out on them in Canada!!

I have to confess, I HATE the cover of this issue - the colours are yuck and the layout is hum-drum but thank goodness the contents are fab. I saw an amazing scraplift of Lisa Bearnson's layout on this evening - I was sorely tempted to lift it myself but I've done a couple of similar layouts lately!

You can find the May CK at

Karen :o)