Monday, 16 July 2007

New from Canada!

Mum & Dad flew back Saturday morning from a fortnight's holiday in Canada and very kindly brought a big box of new stuff I had ordered through my Canadian wholesaler back with them! Dave grabbed the box and brought it to the Scrapaholic Roadshow where we had the shop on Saturday so that the girls could get first dibs. There is some left (but not much I have to be honest!) and if you are attending my club this Wednesday you'll get to have second dibs!

I have some new stamps from Art Warehouse - the interactive circles. These are not as 'lovey-dovey' as the other set we had arrive not so long ago and are sure to go quickly. There are also some gorgeous rub-ons from Daisy Ds, Bo Bunny and Art Warehouse!

Some of the paper for one of the October crop classes was in the order - but not everything and so I can't yet release the class. I should have another one ready to go very soon, perhaps the end of this week, the beginning of next so you shouldn't have long to wait. I had a chat with a few girls who missed out on the last class release because it was during their working day and so I have promised to be fair to them with an evening release for the next ones - it was a good point and something I hadn't thought about if I'm honest. So I renew my promise to be a bit more considerate!

The class project for my club has been held up and I'm still waiting for the materials to arrive - aaaaagggggghhhhhh!!! It will be here tomorrow and I can let you know that it will be using 'Once Upon a Time' papers from DCVW. I think seeing Shrek 3 at the weekend has made me come over all 'fairytale' - brace yourselves for the after-effects of the Transformers movie!!! LOL!!!

Karen :o)

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