Monday, 26 November 2007

Recovering from the crop!!

It has been a long time since I laughed as much and as hard as I did at the crop on Saturday, it was such a fab day! I want to start off by thanking Mandy for teaching three gorgeous classes for us, she is such an amazing instructor and designer that its a real priviledge to have her as part of our team at the crops. I also want to thank my fairy godmother, Pauline. Without her I'd fall to pieces as she not only ran the shop all day for us but before the crop spend many a long hour packing the class kits and pricing the shop stock - thank you so very much for keeping me together!! I'm so blessed to have friends like these who are so amazingly supportive.

I think the highlight of the day had to be Dave appearing in his 'waiter' outfit after lunch - he had me in fits of laughter at home as he appeared wearing it for a giggle while we were getting ready to leave. I explained that the world might not be quite ready for him yet and suggested he try something a bit less revealing but we had a laugh in one of my classes when I told them the story. Later in the afternoon Dave had to pop back home for something and offered to get changed. I laughed that he wouldn't dare - a short while later the class erupted into screams of laughter as he appeared standing at the hatch behind me wearing it!! Thankfully Helen was together enough to grab her phone and take a few pics because I had completely lost it. What was funnier was that a few girls were disappointed that despite appearances, he didn't have the thong on too!

It was such a fun day, it was so fab to see everyone and this time around I actually had the time to get round and chat. We had a lovely mix of regulars and people who joined us for the first time which seemed to work well as the event didn't have a 'cliquey' feel which can sometimes be an issue. Despite being absolutely shattered by the end of the day, I am really looking forward to our next crop on 9th February. I can't promise semi-naked men again but I'm sure we'll have a laugh!!

Enjoy your Christmas pud.

Karen :o)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for a fab day. I always come home so inspired after your classes. The added bonus of seeing Dave in his waiters outfit was worth it all! What trick will he pull next time. Can't wait.To you and all your wonderful family have a great Christmas
Kim xx