Monday, 8 October 2007

What a crop!

Wow - what a day we had on Saturday! First of all I just want to thank you all for coming along because without you there wouldn't have been a crop. Despite being in the classroom all the time I at least I got to see everyone, next time we have the fabbo Mandy Webb back with us teaching so you'll get a break from me!! The energy and enthusiasm of everyone was what kept me going after only 2 hours sleep (plus a few cans of Red Bull!!) so thank you once again - we get such lovely people at our crops!

I also want to thank my parents, Dad for keeping everyone supplied with tea, coffee and cake and Mum for running errands and spending time with everyone in the cropping room. A HUGE thank you to Pauline for running the shop for me (because I couldn't be in two places at one time!) I've never run things as smoothly or as accurately as you did all day, consider yourself booked for next time if you're free! I also want to thank Dave for putting up with a house full of boxes for the past week and for then shipping them out to the crop and back again at the end of the day. And last of all thank you to our boys for being so incredibly well-behaved, I forgot they were even there!

Anyway - Oscar speech over!! Ready to do it all over again? Our next crop is November 24th and we have only one or two places left if you would like to join us, you can book online through the shop (link is on the right of here). I'm going to start releasing the first of the classes this week, probably Friday evening so be sure to get yourself booked on quickly so you can grab yourself some amazing classes.

As I didn't get to spend much time just chatting with everyone during the crop I thought I'd ask those of you who were there on Saturday for feedback - what did we do well and what could we improve on for next time? I've already thought of a couple of improvements, like having squash available for those who don't drink tea or coffee (or are sick of it after 12 hours!) and having a full hour set side for lunch so we can all stop and take a rest but I'd really like to know your thoughts. If you weren't with us at the weekend, I'm still really interested to know what do you look for in a good crop and what really irritates you?

Take care, Karen (with achey feet and sore back!! LOL!)


Anonymous said...

Kim & I said that the 6th October crop was one of the best crops we've been to. It was well-run, the classes were really good value & the teaching was second to none! lol It was disappointing that we could only get on 3 classes as, even though I was quick on the draw, I still missed on the 2 others. As I wasn't in the classes I spent more time (and money) in your shop. What fabbo bargains! I couldn't resist! I was so glad I could rest as I would have been knackered. I appreciate your understanding that I needed to rest, and for Pauline & your mum who 'looked after me' during the day. Thanks to all of you for giving a person who's so low a day to remember. Loads of love, GillXXX

Jane said...

Had another great day - Thanks very much.
As the classes are so popular it would be really great that if you can't get in the class you would still be able to buy the kit.
Looking forward to November

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a fab day. It was great to make new friends and the classes I did were brill, you are an inspiration with your wonderful layouts.I have finished the Daisy D book, now just have to fill it with photos!!
I think it would be a good idea to have a lunch hour so that everyone especially you get a break but apart from that it was great.
I look forward to the crop in November.Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I had a great day, thank you to all of you, how you kept it going all day i don't know! Again, an hour for lunch would be good idea and being able to buy the kit if we can't get onto the class would be good aswell. Just sorry I can't come to the next one. Julia x
ps I never get sick of tea!

Sue said...

Thanks for another great crop all classes were fab and offered great value for money as always. I can understand that some people where disappointed at not getting into the classes especially when you eventually see what you are going to miss out on.
I would welcome the idea of being able to purchase the kits without the teaching and although it wouldn’t be quiet the same it would possibly be a much fairer way of dealing with this problem. Maybe people attending the crop could be given the option when the classes are posted to say whether or not they would be happy just to receive a kit if there was no space in the classroom. By doing this you would know how many kits you would need to make up and hopefully everyone would be happy.
The idea of a lunch break for those who want one is also a good idea it would also provide shopping opportunities for those fortunate enough to book all classes and have little time in between to shop!!!!
Looking forward to seeing everyone again in November.

Maria said...

Saturday was fantastic and it is all thanks to you and all your lovely assistants. I really enjoyed myself and can't wait for november to come.
I think the idea of being able to buy the kits even if the class is full is a good idea.