Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Wordblooms are blooming lovely!

I've had my eye on these Wordbloom books for ages after I spotted them in the Summer. Shortly after that, I started seeing ads in CK for similar books by another manufacturer and there was a huge interest in them. I felt a bit for 2Daisies as it was their idea and then a bigger company seemed to get all the attention - and so I ordered from 2Daisies. I think its a moral thing and something to do with supporting the underdog, and in any case I had fully intended to order from them in the first place!

We ran a class with these books on Saturday and they were really popular. They are fast to put together and are something very different from the usual sort of mini-book project. I had a blast making up my sample but learnt a few important lessons along the way.....

1. the pages need to be covered with papers that contrast strongly with each other - light/dark or patterned/plain or it becomes impossible to read the word.

2. the space available for photos/journaling/embellishments is only the width of the solid area of the preceeding page - any photos etc that peek out start to mess with the word too!

3. these books are best bound with wire coils or large book rings or they tend to spread apart and make it difficult to see the word.

They are only £4.99 each and with a few bits and bobs from your stash can be a really cheap way to create a gift for someone special. My one is going to Dave's Mum for Christmas as she is cooking this year!

You can find these gorgeous Wordblooms at

Karen :o)

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