Friday, 23 November 2007

Sneak Peeks and photo/tool help for tomorrow

Family wordbloom class
You'll need to bring along a small piece of sandpaper, some 3d foam pads and a selection of photos ranging from 1" to 6" wide.

MME Frost class
The class sample uses two 6"x4" landscape photos - you'll also need to bring along 3d foam pads, double sided tape, a soft brown inkpad and a brown journaling pen (I have some in the shop if you need one).

Hearts & Chocolates
This class uses a 7" x 5" landscape photo plus a soft brown inkpad and some 3d foam pads.

7gypsies Hudson Valley
Bring along one 7" x 5" (or larger) portrait photo for this class plus some 3d foam pads, a black journaling pen, black inkpad and a paper pricker (a needle will do the trick just as well!).

Japanese Camelia
You'll need a 7" x 5" portrait photo, a white gel pen, a burgundy or turquoise gel pen and 3d foam pads.

MM St Nick class
Four 7" x 5" photos (portrait, landscape or a mixture)and eight 6" x 4" photos. Don't panic about getting so many photos together as Mandy assures me you'll have plenty to do in the class and may not get to the photo bit!

Calendar book
You will need to bring double-sided tape and some small photos.

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