Saturday, 27 October 2007

2 more classes now open for booking - and going fast!

The next two classes for the November crop went up this morning and are already going fast. The first is a 16" x 20" canvas class using the new BasicGrey Figgy Pudding papers and alphabet stickers together with some fab 9" MDF letters (I know my Dad will shudder at the thought of anyne using MDF - he's a real wood kinda guy!! LOL!). I was pleasantly surprised at the Figgy Pudding papers, they are double sided which is a first for BG and I like at least one side of all of them which is a first for me!! As its a Christmas canvas I'm not sure where mine will get to hang this year - I'm hoping it'll be the new house but who knows??

The second class is from 7gypsies and is a LO using the Hudson Valley line. I thought that these papers had more than a hint of Anna Griffin to them and would make a lovely change of pace. I'm going to have to dig through my heritage photos to find something that will do them justice!

I'm away for the next week as I have my examiner's hat on - I'm not sure if there's internet access where I'm staying but I'm taking the laptop anyway. I've stocked up on a couple of good books so at the very least I'll get some reading done but I'd rather be getting on with some work! If there's access I'll be back during the week - otherwise I'll catch up next weekend! Karen :o)

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