Thursday, 1 March 2007

Take a peek at the 'A la Mode' LO!

I went to Trudy's Scrapaholic club in Chalk last night and caught up with the girls there - quite a few are coming on Saturday so I took the kits along for the three workshops and got lots more bookings! I promised to upload a sneak peek of the 'A la Mode' class - I know it helps to get your photos ready and then the page can be completed there and then.

I used 3 photos on this layout - one 6" x 4" and two 3" x 4". My pictures are from a trip to Rome but this page can be for just about any subject, its really adaptable. I'll post on here tomorrow a short list of some bits you might want to make sure you have with you for each of the workshops, there's nothing way out - ust basics like a brown inkpad for example. I'll also remind you of the photos and sizes for each project so you can bring them along if you have them.

Its been a bit of a stressful day today, I've been chasing the last few (quite big) orders that are still to arrive. The bits for the 4th workshop are still in customs so I have resigned myself to not running this one, we'll have one ready nice and early for the next crop in any case! I wouldn't mind but I ordered everything 6 weeks ago, but there you go. One of my orders had been delayed because of an error by my sales rep and another one they had lost my address so couldn't ship it to me! I think I've got it sorted but am basically under house arrest all day tomorrow because I don't want to miss any of these deliveries.

Sarah popped round this morning and had a look through the stock that has arrived to date, I don't need to sell to her, she does it to herself and left with her arms full of goodies despite the fact that she's coming to the crop on Saturday - she just couldn't wait!! The new American Craft thicker stickers in felt and chipboard were top of her list and if I'm right she had one of every colour and every font. To be honest I don't blame her, I'd have one of each too if I could (so I might be on the blag from Sarah soon!!).

Well, I have loads to do so I'd better get on with it. To be honest, I'm getting a bit excited about Saturday as its looking like it will be a really good day. If you're still in two minds about coming along, I'd say just come and give it a go!

Take care, Karen :o)

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