Monday, 5 March 2007

Ready to do it again?

There must be something in the water - the daffodils in my front garden have suddenly all popped open and I seem to have a spring in my step which has led me to book another crop day!!! I spend most days in front of my laptop in my office looking out onto my front garden and to be honest, there hasn't been a lot worth looking at for quite while now (and the delivery guys just don't count!!)so the daffs are a welcome punch of colour.

So, I had so much fun on Saturday that I decided almost right away that it would be a good idea to run another crop and the date is.....Saturday 19th May. I added it to the shop today and we've already had our first bookings (yes, Carolyn - it was you!!! LOL!). You can find the crop at under 'Crops & classes'.

I'm starting to think about the workshops already (thats the bit I find the most fun after all!) and we already have a 7gypsies class arranged, I just need it to arrive in the country before I open bookings for it - once bitten and all that! I'm thinking of doing something with some of the new basicGrey, perhaps some chipboard in the kit and some ribbons - but what would you like? Even if you can't make the crop I'd still be interested in knowing what you would like to find in your workshop kits. So......bring it on!! Post your ideas on this thread and let me know what you'd wish for if you could! You never know - your wish might come true!

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