Friday, 2 March 2007

All packed and ready to go?

Ok, so the new stock is all priced, packed and ready to go for tomorrow - its just got to be loaded into the cars (yes, thats plural!!). Later tonight we've got to sort out the rest of the shop bits that we are taking along - thats going to be a big job!

My fairy godmother turned up twice today, once this morning and again this afternoon!! Wonderful Pauline has been here practically every day this week to deal with the deliveries. She has unpacked and checked off the orders, then priced them up for me - to be honest, I don't know what I would have done without her!

The shop site has caused a few headaches today as my web designer started doing a few bits to it last night and has slightly altered the web address. Its not a big thing but it has caused a few issues and I couldn't get into my side of the shop all day. Its all better now as he's put some magic code in place that will take you to the new address even if you use the old one - these IT guys are so clever, its beyond me all this stuff!

So, just to confirm a few details for tomorrow;

1. The full address of the crop venue is:

Istead Rise Community Centre
Worcester Close
Istead Rise
DA13 9LB

2. The times of the crop are 10am - 5pm

3. You can bring lunch with you or there is a nice bakers and a Co-op very nearby if you want to pick up something locally.

4. My mobile number is 07710 799068 - if you need to call me for any reason please feel free!

If you are looking out some photos for the workshops then I thought it might be an idea to give you some guidance as to what I used for the samples. So here goes.....

The theme for the 7gypsies class is 'Memories' and the album has four sections; friends, family, traditions & good times. I printed off a pile of 3" x 4" photos (about 20 all together) for the insert cards and all sorts of pictures seem to fit this album. You'll definitely need a glue stick for this class - if you don't have one, don't worry as we have them in the shop for you.

The page for 'Enchanted' is very pink and girlie - the papers are floral and so is the page! I used a single 7" x 5" landscape photo on my design but a couple of 6" x 4" snaps or even a group of smaller pics in the same theme would also work. If you have a cream or soft pink ink pad you might want to bring it along too.

My design for 'A la Mode' could be used for almost any type of photos - the papers are classic and sophisticated and the colours would go with anything to be honest. I opted to use photos from a trip to Rome we took last year - one 6" x 4" and two 3" x 4" all portrait. A single landscape 7" x 5" would work really well with this page as well. Pack your brown ink pad for this class, I used a soft brown chalk ink pad but any brown one would do.

Anyway, I haven't eaten since breakfast and have a million things to before tomorrow so I must dash. I'll see you there if you're joining us and I'll fill everyone else in with how it all went when I recover!

Karen :o)

PS... if you're coming, I've bought Haribo, Jelly Bellies and Minstrels - all essential crop snacks I thought - and enough for EVERYONE!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

The Haribo and Minstrels are all MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you tomorrow Karen :)