Monday, 26 March 2007

Now you can Flip, Flop & Flap!!

The newest mini book from Lippy Chick has just arrived today and the Flap book is totally fab! It joins its sisters the Flip and the Flap books and is another ingenious folding book that can be used as an album or as a funky card. I'm going to make up a sample of my own over the next few days but in the meantime this one is by Roz - and its really cool!!

The pages in the book form incremental tabs that are staggered giving a peek at the contents of the next page along. The pages can also be used to make little pockets for journaling tags or secrets! I love the envelopes that come with each of these books - they are frosted plastic and can be decorated as well! Try stamping, stitching and more for fab effects.

You can find the Flip, Flop and new Flap books at

Karen :o)

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