Thursday, 22 March 2007

Fire damage

At the beginning of the week I had an email from Margaret letting me knw that in the early hours of the morning the Community Centre had been damaged by fire. It was shocking to hear that a prominent place in the community had been damaged like that but it was the last thing I wanted to hear right now as it was the venue for our next crop! I called the manager and it appears that someone broke in the steal from the gambling machines in the bar area and then set a fire before they left. Apparently around 30% of the building has been severly damaged and yesterday they called to let me know that it won't be in a state to let out to us for our crop.

So I called the local church hall but they have something booked in the middle of the day we want - my hopes are resting with Southfleet Village hall and I'm waiting for the bookings manager to get back to me. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Its funny because I thought things were going just a little too smoothly as far as this next crop is concerned, it was booked, paid for, classes are on their way..... Oh well, nothing worth having comes easy so they say!

Karen :o)

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