Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Top Ten!

Do you have something you look forward to each month? As far as scrapbooking goes, top of my list would be the delivery of magazines for the shop. I especially love my copy of Creating Keepsakes, it takes me almost a month to really read it from cover to cover - I look at everything from the features to the adverts because you never know what will smack you on the side of the head as a fabulous idea!! Our mag delivery came today and I'm desperately trying to focus on my work rather than succomb to the temptations of flicking through the copy of CK next to me right now! This is the Top Ten issue, an annual special edition that offers up the usual high quality features but wrapped around a 'top ten' theme.

That got me thinking - what would be my top ten of scrapbooking?? So, here goes.....

1. Photos - there's not much point in scrapbooking without these, ok I can do a few layouts without pics but after a while that would lose its shine for me.

2. Alphabets - rub-ons, stickers, die-cuts all of them really!

3. Cardstock - its a basic essential and the foundation of everything I do - sometimes you won't even know its there but I need it!

4. Journaling - its taken me a while but I am now comfortable to have my journaling out on display for all to see (I have years of designs with hidden journaling!!) but the story is as important as the pictures to me now.

5. Patterned paper - like putting on a great top over a simple pair of jeans, patterned paper adds that 'certain something'.

6. Ribbon - its the girly girl side of me I suppose, I just love ribbon!

7. Flowers - the current long-running fashion for flowers is right up my street, I'd have them over every scrapbook page if I could but I dont think the boys would love it much!

8. Brads - but they have to be mini ones!

9. Stamps - swirly ones and alphabet ones are the ones I tend to pick as I can get loads of use out of them without them looking like I've used the same thing over and over again.

10. Herma - where on earth would I be without my repo Herma?? I must get through yards of the stuff on each page I design!!

So what would be in your top ten then? Share your ideas, I'm sure you have some better ones than I had! And if you are stuck then you can find the CK Top Ten at

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