Monday, 8 January 2007

Roll with the punches!

The sale at Total Papercrafts continues apace and I have added a load of new bits to the site over the weekend. If you are a fan of punches - or just like to do something a bit different then check out the 'Punch & Stitch' punches in the sale. These punches have a reach of approximately 5" and create perforations in decorative patterns that can be used as they are or be stitched through. These were £8.99 and I have reduced them to £1.99!! The fab idea book comes complete with punching templates to help you create stunning repeat designs - all this for a mere 99p!!!

If you prefer more traditional types of punches then take a look at the 'Clippunches' in the sale. Each pack contains 2 punches, one is a standard shape punch and the other creates a 'clip' that allows the shape to be attached to the edge of a card, photo mount and loads more. These are also reduced to a crazy £1.99!! There are also idea books for these punches at a bargain price of 99p!

If you are stuck for ideas of how you could use these punches, I used the 'fleur de lis' and 'diamond' shape punches to embellish this scrapbook page. Punches are a great way to decorate projects without the need to buy a whole new load of bits and pieces - simply punch a shape from the paper or cardstock you are using on the page and you have an instant co-ordinating embellishment. Use the same shape with different colours and it can look completely different!

You can find these punches and a lot more in the sale section at

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