Wednesday, 24 January 2007

The sound of silence

Apologies for being a bit quiet of late, the reason is I've been laid low by a horrendous ear infection which has left me deaf in one ear and rapidly followed by a throat infection which gave me laryngitis and I lost my voice! Things have been pretty quiet around here in more ways than one! LOL!!

My voice is coming back now (I'm at the quite sexy, husky stage at the moment - good news for Dave!!) and so I'm able to get on with some work. I didn't realise just how much of my day was spent on the phone until my voice went! I spent some of my quiet time getting on with designing with the Scrapaholic kit for next month and this page is the result. This kit uses masking fluid to create a stamped image which is then inked over with the chalk ink pad in the kit. The masking fluid is rubbed away when it is dry to reveal an image in the base card colour - great fun and very simple to do!

The snowy weather means that our cub this evening has been cancelled by the school as the caretaker is out of action and there is more snow forecast for tonight. I was really looking forward to my fix of news and gossip with all the regular scrapbookers who come along - plus we were expecting some new members to join us tonight, maybe next time eh?

Wrap up warm and go careful out there - I'm going to see what else I can stick in the sale for you all!

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