Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The love affair continues!

No, don't go getting the wrong idea - I'm not doing anything that I shouldn't (unless coveting thy neighbours Ellison fonts counts!!), I'm just bonkers about alphabets! If I had to choose one thing only to use on a scrapbook page, it would be lettering - after all its the words that give meaning to the photographs. (Ooh, I'm getting all profound now! LOL!). When all else fails, I'll happily get out my craft knife and spend a happy hour or so carefully hand cuting a really script-y font for a title although I'm nowhere near as patient as Carolyn who would hand-cut rather than anything else!! Give me a die-cutting machine and a selection of great fonts and I'm in my element.

This page is one I designed for a Craft Robo class at a Scrapaholic retreat - if you were there it was the class where the Craft Robo threw a fit and wouldn't work!! It was more than a challenge to teach the class with no machine to demonstrate with :o) I think the lettering for this page took me around 10 minutes to cut with this fab machine and the best thing is, there aren't any dies to buy for it - you use everything you have on your home computer in whatever size you like! I can order the Craft Robo for anyone who is interested in having one and I can give a little demonstration if you want to see how it works and what it can do - you just need to be able to get to me!

If this is all a bit too technical then take a look at the great deals we still have on Ellison Big Shot and Tag a Long machines (and the fab 'blog only' offer for free P&P!!). I can order any dies in for you that you may like - just give me a shout.

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