Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Ribbon frenzy!

I spent today sorting out the ribbons and twills I am putting into the sale - blimey we have tons of the stuff!! I've said it before but I am a bit of a ribbon freak and would trade most of my embellishments for rolls of truly gorgeous ribbon, I don't know why and to be honest, I don't really care! LOL!

I ran out of time today to get the ribbons into the sale but they are all here, ready and waiting to go - so by reading this you have a heads up on what will be next in the fabbo sale we're having right now! I promise to upload them tomorrow morning, we just had so many orders today that here I am still working at almost midnight. Remind me of this the next time someone tells me how fab it must be to run your own shop and I start to agree - its not all glamour by any stretch of the imagination!

I designed this page for a papercraft partwork that has been running for over a year now. They wanted a simple page with ribbons and it really was very simple to do. I punched regularly spaced holes around the photo mount and threaded ribon through like stitching - thats it! The cutie in the photo is me aged 2 - what the heck has time done to me! :o)

1 comment:

Gill Baker said...

I love ribbons too, but I can never find that certain style to go with my page. Therefore - you can never have too many ribbons!
Love the layout Karen, you were a sweetie! lol