Wednesday, 3 January 2007

A stitch in time

I was really lucky this Christmas and got a new sewing machine as one of my main presents - my old one had given up the ghost after 23 years! I love to stitch on my scrapbook pages, it adds texture and visual interest in a way that no other medium can. Ok, I know you can now get stamps and rub-ons that do a great job of imitating stitching and we have some fab ones in the shop but I love the process of sewing the page together as well. It takes me back to my dressmaking and embroidery roots I suppose but I really do love getting out my machine and whizzing round a page! I even love to patiently prick holes and stitch by hand when the mood is upon me - its a kind of therapy and helps to calm and soothe me.

I designed this handstitched page for Bonanza a couple of years ago, everyone seemed to love sitting calmly and sewing through their page. The mood in the room was really peaceful despite the challenges of textured fibres!

If you haven't stitched on a scrapbook page before then why not give it a go? Its a new year, the time to try new things and make fresh starts so why not do something different with your layouts? To help in a small way, today I significantly reduced the price of our 'Punch & Stitch' punches. These great punches create pricked designs that can be stitched through in a number of ways to produce fabulous designs. We have 6 different designs in the sale - they were £8.99 and I have reduced them to only £1.99!! I have also reduced the idea book for these punches - it is full of projects and ideas and comes complete with templates to help you to punch repeated patterns perfectly (now thats a great idea!). You can find them at along with the gorgeous stitching stamps I mentioned earlier!

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Gill Baker said...

I agree with you Karen. Hand-stitching is so therapeutic. I got given a sewing machine donated to me from someone from church. Let's have a kit where we have to stitch. I know we've done it in the past, but we could add sewing by machine.