Thursday, 18 January 2007

Birthday preparations

Apologies for being a little quiet over the past few days, I've had a shocking ear infection which has knocked me for six and although the pain has eased, I'm still deaf in one ear! I suppose it's that time of year when this kind of thing is going around so its no surprise really.

Being a crafter can sometimes have it's down sides - everyone expects that the invites for my Jack's forthcoming birthday will be something wow-eee and so I spent a couple of hours today designing, printing and sticking! Apart from the expectation that the invitations will be handmade, there was also the issue of them looking 'cool' because he will be 12! So just what do you create for a day of paintballing for 12 year olds? I'm just keeping focussed on the fab photo opportunities the day will offer as well as the chance to get shots like the one in this layout from a couple of years ago.

I ended up using the square card blanks that we have in the sale at the moment - they were a great base and fab value for money. We have four different card styles in our sale which is still going strong, check out the 'Sale!' section at

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