Friday, 29 December 2006

A good book cures all!

I have always been mad about books - an avid reader and hoarder of books and magazines and particularly scrapbooking and craft related titles. I think I'd sometimes rather have a book or mag than spend the equivalent amount of cash on stash - am I odd?

Like everyone, I get 'scrapper's block' from time to time and need something to bump start me again and I usually turn to my idea books or magazines at times like these. A little something on a page, a technique or a colour combination can suddenly have me bursting with ideas and I'm off again into the world of paper and glue!

Its for this reason that I have started off the shop sale with some fab reductions on books - I know books aren't cheap usually so I thought I'd give a helping hand by cutting some great titles to crazy prices! I had a pile of back issues of assorted scrapbooking and craft magazines once I had started sorting for the sale and so I'm offering these for 5 for £2.50 - cheaper than the cover price for just one mag!!

You can find all the sale items under the Sale! tab when you log onto

Keep dropping by the shop over the next few days as I'll be adding more bargains on an almost daily basis! I hope you are recovered from the excitement of Christmas - it came and went so quickly in our house and we seem to have more food in the fridge now than when we started!! We're struggling to find places to store all the toys the kids got from Santa and the tree is starting to drop a few needles but on the whole we got through it in one piece! I hope the same is true for everyone else :o)

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