Tuesday, 19 December 2006

All wrapped up!

I spent today wrapping all our presents - I had forgotten just how many bits we had bought!! Its a great feeling to have most of it done because I'm the world's worst for leaving stuff like this until the last minute and then staying up into the wee small hours of Christmas Eve to get it all done.

The Daisy Ds Christmas embellishments I used on this layout add a feeling of wrapping paper to the design that I loved. I have recently reduced these sheets of die-cut letters and tags, so making this page will be even cheaper for you! Combine them with some cardstock, twill and some patterned paper and you are good to go. There are so many tags on each sheet that they do most of the work for you on this page, these are the kind of things that you buy because they are great value and then never seem to get around to using so I wanted to share an idea with you to help you use your stash. You can find these tags and other co-ordinating embellishments at www.totalpapercrafts.co.uk

I have wrapping paper left over and so am prepared to gift wrap any last minute purchases anyone may need to make this week - it'll be one less thing to think about!

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