Friday, 15 December 2006

'Flip' ping fun!!

I've taken some of my own advice today and took some time out for myself and what I love to do - as a result I have finally made the 'Flip' book for my MIL!!

I grabbed a Flip book, some of the new Well Worn papers, a pack of Well Worn Words and a few flowers and I was good to go!! I love using co-ordinating ranges as it takes all of the headache out of putting projects together. It took less than an hour to make including printing the photos so I still had time to play afterwoods!! You can find the Flip books, Well Worn papers, Well Worn embellishments and flowers in the shop at I love these Flip books and the new Flop book - they make an unusual project and don't take up anything like the time that a 6"x6" album would but with a stunning end result. Plus - they don't cost a fortune to buy or fill! If you are stuck for a last minute gift I really would recommend these.

I stocked up on some basic cardstock for the shop today - the colours that we all use masses of but don't really think about until we need them. All the new card is Bazzill 12x12 to supplement the colours of Scrapbook Sally that we have sold out of. I love both of these cardstock ranges as they are textured, I suppose its that 'touchy-feely' thing again but I am a self-confessed stash stroker!! So if you need some basic colours, we have black, white, cream, brown, red and pale pink back in stock. If you are lucky, you might be getting lots of scrapbook related stuff for Christmas but perhaps not so much of the essential basics - I'm thinking that'll probably be down to you!!


Roz Roz said...

Karen, that is another stunner, love the paper collection you used, its perfect with the photos

Nikki said...

gorgeous as usual, great idea!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, you always come up with the goods! I am adding the flip-book on my 'to do in 2007' list.
I took your advice and have up-dated my blog - or rather I've started again with a blog spot one.
Have a lovely Christmas!