Tuesday, 11 December 2012

More December designs coming soon

So far the instructions for all of the designs created with our December kit is running to nine pages! I have three more layouts on my table in various stages of completion and Claire has at least one more coming which makes an insane amount of instructions!!  I have decided that the instructions for the layouts released on here so far will be available in printed format with the kits for everyone who subscribes but the additional designs will be a bonus only available through a password protected page here on the blog.

Confused? There's absolutely no need to be - all of the instructions that you have seen posted so far will have printed instructions in the kit when you get it.  There will also be some bonus designs available in a few days and you will be able to access the instructions for those by clicking on the page link at the top of this blog.  This page has a password to protect it so its only available to those who have purchased the kit - the password will be in with your kit so as soon as you receive it you will be able to log on here to see the bonus pages.  

I think having bonus pages that are only for those who have the kit is a nice 'thank you' for your loyalty.  We have the nicest customers in the world and so why not give you something extra?  After all, you deserve it! I hope that you are excited by the prospect of 'secret' bonus pages and that you love what we have created for you so far, this is an amazing kit crammed full of fabulous stuff, its like an early Christmas present!

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