Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Free art journaling class

If you are interested in art journaling but don't know where to start or would like to take a class that guides you through a structured process then you might be interested in a free online class offered by Willowing.  I came across the Willowing website through a blog I pop into from time to time and clicked a link and then another and before I knew it I was on this wonderful website!

I believe that things come to you when you are ready for them and right now I feel that I would really benefit from an art journaling class.  This is a four week class but its self-guided so you can go as fast or as slow as you want to.  This time of year can be a bit nuts and might not be the best time to start a project such as this but its certainly worth registering on the site and book marking the class page to go back to later.

If you fancy something a bit longer term then there is a fabulous year-long art journaling class called 'Life Book 2013'.  This one isn't free but its amazing value - there are 22 contributing designers and there'll be 2-3 classes each month with videos, PDFs and more, all for £60.  There is also a payment plan if you prefer not to pay it all in one go.

I think I'll use my Crimbo money towards this class and it would be fantastic if there were a few people I knew joining in!

In the meantime I'll be joining the Art, Heart & Healing class to get my mojo going, if you do the same let me know how you get on xx

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