Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!!

We have a bit of a tradition of always carving a pumpkin for Halloween and I have a large orange veg looking at me every time I walk through the kitchen reminding me that we have to get on with it!! There's also a certain expectation that our pumpkin will be something special - no triangle eyes and zigzag mouths allowed! After exhausting a book full of templates I began to feel a bit desperate for inspiration and searched the web and found some amazing sites with free templates. Last year we had a pirate (I think it was inspired by the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie) and in the past we've had tombstones, skulls and even Scooby Doo!! I've printed off a few ideas for this year and we'll see what takes our fancy. The other bonus is I have a great recipe for pumpkin pie which is absolutely delicious and we toast the pumpkin seeds for a snack after - we get our money's worth here!! Have fun tonight and have a spooky time!

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Kim said...

Oh wow, love the layout and the colours. Kimx