Wednesday, 1 October 2008

2nd club kit for October

As promised to the girls at my Essex club tonight, here is the second club kit sample for October! Its very different form kit #1 - mainly in that there isn't anywhere near as much cutting out in this one!!

The kit includes 3 sheets of cardstock, 3 patterned papers, a whole pack of 3d foam alphabets, flowers, embroidery floss and a needle (so yes, there is a bit of sewing!). I used one 6"x4" landscape pic and a second 3"x4" one. You'll need some 3d foam pads, a few brads for the centres of the flowers and a blue inkpad - but thats it!

Don't be misled by the fact that the sample has baby photos on it, its not baby themed at all. One of the papers has some 'boy themed' text on it if you want to go that way but otherwise its pretty universal. This is another page I was considering using my Greek holiday photos on - white houses and blue shutters, they worked perfectly but I really wanted to use some pics of one of the latest additions to our family. Dave's cousin had twin boys two months ago and we went to see them at a day old. I forget just how tiny newborns are, I didn't really have a newborn - at 9lb 11oz Jack was virtually ready to go to school when he arrived!!

While I'm talking about babys - congratulations Sharon on your fab news, I am so pleased for you both xxx


Infinity97 said...

Why thank you Karen and many many thanks for all the cutting tonight - it was much appreciated!

LOVING next time's layout too!!!


Sue said...

So glad I signed up for the monthly kit ! The second kit for October is just as great as the first one. Can't wait!

Maria said...

Hi ya Karen

love the 2nd kit for october put anna, carol and I down for one each.

I dont know giving me more foam letters for my collection Ha Ha

See you soon

Maria x x