Thursday, 22 February 2007

Our second crop workshop is released!

I've been a busy bee and have the second workshop for our all-day crop ready to go! This is a gorgeous album using 7gypsies products and includes a naked accordion album, gaffer tape, ribbon, patterned paper, cardstock and a pack of metal tabs and plates - all by 7gypsies and all just scrummy!!! I've added the class to the shop so it can be booked now along with the 'Enchanted' class I announced yesterday.

I took some teasers along to my club last night and they loved them! There are a few who can't make the day who were desperate to have the kits but I'm saving them - if there are any left I'll open them up for sale afterwards but no promises as I only have a set number of each!!

I'm tracking the materials for the third workshop which are on their way from Canada. The parcel took off yesterday and so I should have it early next week - looks like it'll be a busy time but I'm really looking forward to the crop.

I really hope that my mates Mandy and Sarah can come along and support us, it'll be fab to have them there - Fairy Godmother Pauline is coming along (she grants all our wishes!!) and this time she's under orders not to work but to enjoy herself!! Best I get back to work and get the rest of these workshops sorted out!


Kelly said...

oooh kits are looking fab, wish i could come but ill be away :( but if you do have any spares lol let me know ....

Donswishes blog said...

Wow those kits look scrummy, icant make the 3rd either , ill listen out for your next one! Donnax