Thursday, 21 June 2012

Video inspiration

Have you discovered My Craft Channel yet?  I was invited to check out the site when it launched a while ago and it has grown and become better and better with regular video shows from a great selection of crafters - so much so I thought I'd share the love and let you know about the site as well!

My favourite regular shows come from Teresa Collins and Heidi Swapp but thats probably because of my scrapbooking bias.  All of the short films are really well produced so we aren't talking about a YouTube clip here but a studio filmed show that is slick and professional.  Another of my favs is 'Inspired by Pinterest' which takes trending crafts from the internet and actually demonstrates them in a number of different ways.  Those of us who learn best by being shown a skill will certainly love this and its a great source of ideas of things to look for on the Pinterest site.

If you're like me, you'll probably have an interest in other crafts as well and there are tons to find on My Craft Channel - I love The House of Smiths diy shows with gorgeous home decor ideas on a budget, Books & Crafts features publications across a range of craft areas and lifts them off the page to demonstrate them on camera.  I also love Kara's Party Ideas which is a fab resource for decor and more for hosting unique and personal parties!  There are lots and lots more shows to discover, way more than I can list here - there's even a 'Man Crafters Show'!!

You can find the site by clicking here and let me know which shows are your favourites!!

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