Friday, 22 June 2012

Interested in Pinterest?

Yesterday I posted about a show on My Craft Channel, 'Inspired by Pinterest' and then realised that not everyone may have discovered the joys of the Pinterest - or even knows what it is! So I thought I'd post a little bit of info about the site and what it can offer. 

Warning - the following information may result in you losing hours of your day as you discover amazing ideas online!!

So what is Pinterest?  Its probably best described as an online pinboard - or in our house its like the side of our fridge with magnets!  Anything you find online can be collected and 'pinned' onto your own 'boards' which you can name and arrange however you want.  If you love collecting recipes you can put all of your favourites into one place, if you're looking for children's party ideas they can be gathered together so you can refer back to them easily and all your craft inspirations can be filed in one spot.  You choose what to call your boards, you choose what to add to your boards and you can add your own projects as well for others to repin.   

If you want to get started on Pinterest your first stop should be to create your account.  After that just search for the things that interest you and pin them!  To get you started, we have a Pinterest page for you to check out here - repin whatever you like to your boards and have fun!

Don't say we didn't warn you when you realise you've spent 2 hours online checking out cool stuff and pinning!!!

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