Monday, 11 June 2012

Great Father's Day free printable!

I'm always on the look out for fabulous ideas on the internet and found some great free printables at a cool site called hello!lucky.  They have two printable Father's day cards, some fun sock labels and labels for beer and wine bottles.  I loved the clean retro text on each project and they couldn't be simpler to print off as they are a PDF - just click to print them onto white card or paper, cut out and stick on!!

I love the idea of giving something with a different twist, a simple pair of socks can become a unique and funny gift with these cool label wraps.  A bottle of wine can be raised out of the ordinary to the extraordinary with a retro label added.  Of course a hand-made card is a lot more personal but masculine images can be hard to find so this printable solves that problem and it doesn't have a cheesy image of a golfer/beer glass/sports car!!

If you'd like to download these great printables you can find them here

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