Friday, 4 July 2008

Fab night, new club!

I am a happy bunny this week - the opening night of our new club was fab! We had more people there than we expected and had to grab more tables to ensure that everyone had enough space. I think everyone left with an almost complete page which was exactly what I had hoped. If we get any bigger we'll be moving into the main hall which may not be a bad thing just so long as everyone is ok with setting up and putting away tables?!

Pauline sent us a good luck text from her holiday in France which I read out to everyone. Quite a few of the girls know Pauline through having attended my crops or other events at which I have taught so they weren't completely bemused by the message!

I'm now working on the sample page for next time so I can get that up on here in plenty of time - keep checking here for it any day soon :o)

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