Sunday, 2 September 2012

Amazing Moxley birthday fun!

Yesterday was the 7th birthday of the Moxley Massive scrapbook group and the club secretary, Lisa had very kindly invited us up to teach some classes and bring along the shop.  As the day dawned we were packed, prepped and raring to go! 

Right from the outset we were made really welcome and the atmosphere was so friendly with a great buzz in the room. The local Gospel choir were meeting in the same building and popped by to say hello and spontaneously burst into a rendition of 'Happy Birthday to You' complete with harmonies.  It was really sweet although I think they were a little confused and possibly thought 'Moxley' was a person!

Our first class was scheduled to start quite soon after we arrived so we got stuck in straight away and very quickly it began to feel like I'd known everyone for years (I actually HAD known a couple of them for years in fact!!).  Like all of my classes, there was a lot to get through but everyone coped really well and some even managed to actually get the whole thing completed - a real achievement with the number of layers and techniques I chucked at them!!

There was an amazing buffet laid on for lunch and during the break Lisa and I got our heads together and got very excited - suddenly we were planning a return trip, the classes and all sorts!!  We were a terrifically creative mix, bouncing ideas around and getting wonderfully out of control!  We got so out of control that we ran a little over the lunch break but no-one seemed to mind at all when we announced some of our plans.

The sessions after lunch were loads of fun and I don't think anyone will ever forget the lesson on the 'right' and 'wrong' way to mix glimmer mists!! Thankfully everyone 'got' my unusual ways of describing certain parts of the classes and we all have a huge laugh.  This was one very funny group of ladies and the energy level stayed so high I really didn't feel like I was working.

Our shop was extremely popular and thankfully we can guarantee beans on toast for the rest of the week!  My glamorous shop assistant really pulled out all the stops and ran the whole shebang so I could concentrate on the classes - whatever would I do without him??

So what next?? Well, its all booked for us to return once again to Moxley on 1st December for what Lisa has named the 'Christmas Extravaganza'.  We will be teaching a fabulous Christmas project and a layout, both of the classes are on the Moxley Massive Facebook group page for those who are members to check out.  Just in case you were wondering - Moxley is not far from Wolverhampton so if you are a scrapbooker and interested in joining this fabulous group get in touch with them via Facebook or drop me an email and I'll hook you up!!

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Liz said...

FAbulous day looking forward to your return Karen