Wednesday, 12 September 2012

No Internet at the moment :(

For the past few days we've been without Internet which has left me struggling to get by with a dodgy 3G connection on my phone. It has meant I'm extremely limited in what I am able to do online and even emails have been affected owing to our semi-rural location leading to intermittent 3G. Frustrating isn't the word!!
If it seems I've been quiet, that's the reason. If you're waiting for an email reply, I may not have even received your email yet. I'm not bring rude, I'm struggling to get it sorted. After I plugged the dratted home hub into what feels like every blooming socket in the house and spent hours pressing 'option 2' then 'option 3', a very nice man tells me he can't deal with the fault as it requires assistance from the level 2 team. He has promised me that they will be calling me back between 9am and 3pm tomorrow but something tells me not to hold my breath. Very nice man did say that my home hub is struggling to communicate with the broadband - I know exactly how it feels. Its been an exhausting journey getting to even speak with very nice man - at one point I called the BT operator to ask her to try the broadband fault number as it kept cutting me off. Guess what? It cut her off too!!

I really hope that the really nice men on the level 2 team are tying on their capes and slipping their pants on over their tights because right now I need Super Nice Man to fix this blooming thing! I live in hope and am somewhat bereft without my link to the cyber world out there!

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