Monday, 24 September 2012

The Photo Prompt challenge is live!

One of the new sections of the Total Papercrafts forum is a free weekly photo prompt and today sees its launch!! Every Monday we will post a prompt for you to represent in a photograph (or more than one photo, it's up to you). The first prompt has been published on the forum and is ready and waiting for you!

We have created a folder in the gallery so you can upload your pics and share them so that we can inspire each other. There is also a thread for you to post on so you can share your thoughts and ideas each week.

There will be a new prompt each week so you have seven days to find your photographic mojo before we change topic. This is aimed at encouraging us all to try to take a few different photos to those than we normally would, to have a bit of fun with our cameras and to inspire each other.

You can find the photo prompt on the forum at - remember to log in to be able to see the whole forum, guests can only see a very limited number of posts x

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