Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A day of challenges

I started running the new Masterclass group in Kent last night and have to admit that it was a step into the unknown as this was a group where I didn't know most of the group already which was quite a change.  The challenge of working with a new group was really exciting as I really didn't know what everyone had done so far or what they were expecting and I had designed something that would stretch most people to finish in the time allocated!

I went in with a completely open mind and tried to set a pretty steady pace and we all kept more or less on track so that by the end of the evening everyone had a more or less complete page.  I loved hearing the comments from the group at each stage as we completed each of the techniques, it was great to see people get excited trying out something new even when that technique was something quite small like distressing paper edges.  Its easy to forget that these simple techniques are still new to quite a few people and even if they know about it they sometimes need a little encouragement to actually give it a go.  Seeing it in action last night was really wonderful and it happened over and over again. 

The group was a little larger than the usual Masterclass size which was also a challenge but it still worked out great and I made a real effort to try to get round the tables to check in with most people.  What really touched me was chatting to a lady who was predominantly a card maker and had dabbled with scrapbooking but she said she had never done anything like my class.  Her excitement about all of the techniques and how she could take them forward was fabulous to hear - that is absolutely what these classes are all about!  I really want people to keep using the stuff they have tried out at my classes and make them their own.

The Masterclasses can be a bit of a challenge to design, teach and to take as a student but why not give them a go and strecth your creative muscles and challenge your limits?! Contact me if you are interested in having me teach masterclasses to you and your crafting friends, its so simple to arrange and I can design something specially for you!! Email me at if you would like to discuss this further xxx

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