Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Art journaling on Ideas for Scrapbookers

Each Wednesday on the Ideas for Scrapbookers blog is a 'Designers Showcase' where the members of the design team collectively share their work on a particular subject area/theme.  This week's feature is the hugely popular subject of art journaling. 

I was first interested in the idea of art journaling a few years ago but didn't really know where to start or what it was supposed to be for.  I checked out a few YouTube videos and found some fabulous ideas but still couldn't get going so I was really keen to take a free class with Jessica Sprague when she offered it in 2010.  As well as digital printables that we could use to create pages, Jessica provided daily prompts and ideas for subjects to art journal about.  It really helped to get me off and running even if the style wasn't really 'me'.  I was looking for the push to get started and this was it!  A few of the pages I created in the Jessica Sprague class are showcased on the IFS blog today and you can find them here

Following the class I have continued to art journal and I tend to use my journal as a playground for techniques, mediums and anything else I fancy.  Sometimes I leave my journaling on display for anyone to read, like in my example above and other times I might pour out my feelings and them cover it all up with paint, paper or some other medium so I've got it onto a page but its not for anyone to see.  I've found that art journaling is also a good way to 'warm up' before I settle into creating a specific project like a scrapbook page.  I can't always just 'turn it on' when needed and sometimes I need to play with no specific end in mind.  I might spray some colour onto one page, spread gesso onto another, stamp a few images and just generally mess about - who knows, something gorgeous might result but if not, its only paper!! 

At the end of the IFS feature Cathy has listed some great links to art journaling resources, why not check it out and find out what its all about?!

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