Thursday, 27 September 2012

Exciting stuff happening at Total Papercrafts!!

You may have noticed that there has been a recent flurry of activity at Total Papercrafts and you wouldn't be wrong!

The first thing you may have noticed is that we have a new administrator for the forum who has been a breath of fresh air!  Nikki is not only very knowledgeable about the IT side of things but she's also a scrapbooker so she really understands what scrapbookers want from a forum and how they will use the site.  Things have become a lot more streamlined, some forums have been deleted while other more useful ones have appeared.  The gallery has been weeded out and reconfigured making it much easier to upload your images.  We have a fab new photo prompt feature in the forum and we are already seeing photos being uploaded as a result.  Its so easy to access the forum now that Nikki has added a button so you can log in using Facebook - no need to remember usernames and passwords for 2 different places any longer!

Talking about Facebook, we are currently running a campaign to boost the followers of our Total Papercrafts Facebook page.  When we reach 200 followers we will be drawing a name from amongst our followers who will win a gorgeous fully embellished handmade mini album.  Not bad for clicking on a 'Like' button eh?  You can join in by clicking here - we only need about 20 more 'likes' to reach our target, woo-hoo!

The final bit of work that is currently underway is our shop website.  If you were to visit it today you'd find a very scary load of gobbledeegook instead of our usual front page.  Thats because we are right in the middle of a relaunch of the shop site with a fresh, modern new look planned.  We hope to have it back up and ready to go very soon - how exciting will that be?? In the meantime, if you want anything from the shop just give us a call on 01702 535696 and we can help you out directly. 

So as you can imagine we have lots of plates spinning right now but all with the goal of improving the services we offer here and making it easier, quicker and a lot more fun to scrapbook with us.  Hold on tight, its going to be a fast and fun ride!!

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