Tuesday, 13 December 2011

December Daily - days 9 to 12

I have been keeping up with my December Daily through photos but gave myself permission to take a break from assembling the pages over the weekend (particularly as we had food poisoning for part of it!). Having the pages assembled in advance meant I knew how much space I needed to fill which made things a little simpler, its a psychological thing I suppose but its really helping.

Day 9

The 9th was all about work - mine and Dave's.  I had the crossover between working from home and being at home to deal with.  The daily grind of running a home can only be put off for so long and when there's a run on my work these things tend to get put to one side. This was one of those days where it really couldn't be put off for any longer or I'd have drowned under the pile of ironing! 
Thankfully we had a work 'do' to go to in the evening so I could stop being a domestic goddess and have a bit of fun.  On both pages I tucked the journaling under the photos and made it part of the title - even the smallest space can accomodate a journaling tag tucked under a layer or two.  The sticker border and ruffle rose trims were used as pockets that photos could tuck into - easy and useful!
Day 10

I am invited to the Eastwood crop each month and it was lovely to see everyone and have some time to craft for myself (or rather for a gift for someone special).  In the evening an amazing meal ended up making us both very ill so we didn't have a particularly festive night!!  The right hand page for today was created with a small coin envelope which the photo and journaling could tuck into, particularly as this wasn't the best of stories for content (no-one wants to read too much about food poisoning).  These little pocket pages would be great for receipts or more private journaling too.

Day 11

The X Factor has become an addiction and a tradition in our house.  I think the final being in December helps with this and its fun to look back through my albums and wonder where the heck some of these acts are now!!  I was cheering for Little Mix through the final so was really chuffed when they won, lets hope they stick around!  What looks like a complex page is actually quite simple as its a small page attached onto a larger page just down the left hinge edge.  This created an interactive flap section that held the journaling inside.  I loved the look of the red ruffled trim for its girlie feel on this page about the girl band and the treble clef charm was a no-brainer!

Day 11

I don't usually make much for myself as I'm too busy but I couldn't resist making one of these magazine trees and then decorating it. Jack saw it as soon as he came in last night (as a typical teenager he doesn't usually notice anything but food!!) and he loved it! Keep an eye out on our forum at www.totalpapercrafts.forumotion.co.uk for a tutorial soon. 
The left hand page had an interactive flap for the journaling and the right page was a transparency.  I like to include see-through pages in my album as you get a glimpse of what is underneath whichever way you turn it.  The evergreen fronds are courtesy of Claire's Tattered Pine Cone die which she kindly loaned me.  The pine cones are a little bulky for the album but the fronds are perfect and look fabulous with a touch of Stickles! Thank you so much Claire xxx

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Roxy said...

Wow, so much inspiration here - I'm loving all your interactive elements and hidden journaling!