Thursday, 8 December 2011

December Daily catch up - days 4 to 8

First of all - a quick apology to those who have been following my December Daily posts, I have been completing my pages each day but just got too busy to upload with designing and teaching so much this week. Here are the pages to bring us back up to date.....
We go to the Dickens Christmas Festival each year in Rochester and this year we took Jack and Amber as she had never experienced anything like this before. We all loved the characters in costume and the snow machine was great for wintry photos so of course we took loads! The left hand page has a pocket opening along the left edge which contains a photo of the two love birds kissing under the mistletoe but I was banned from showing it here! We had so many great photos that I printed off a number in a smaller format and made a simple concertina mini book to show them off. The book tucks into another pocket on the front of the page.

Monday was all about finishing designs for this month's kit and I was on a roll which became a bit of a frenzy, I just wanted to get as much as possible done as I knew I'd have loads of instructions to write up for everyone's layouts. I picked one main photo of a completed page for the right hand page and then stuck a number of photos of layouts back to back and secured the stack with a large paper clip. A scrap of ribbon tied through the top made something practical into something festive.

On Tuesday night Dave and I had a date night and went to see 'New Years Eve' at the cinema thanks to a pair of free tickets. The right hand page has a fab large pocket that I was able to pop both my journaling tag and the printout of our tickets into. I love these albums as places to store bits and bobs like tickets and such! As we walked back from the cinema in the rain the High Street was deserted and the Christmas lights were on so I just had to take some photos. As we got near to the top of the High Street we came across a camera club taking photos, it seems great minds think alike!

Last night I ran my local scrapbooking club and had a blast! The day of club is usually extremely busy as I prepare, pack and double check we have everything we need to run the class and yesterday was no exception. We set up nice and early as we had lots of equipment as well as mulled wine and mince pies together with our usual offering of a cuppa and biscuits. With Christmas tunes playing on the iPod, the atmosphere was quite festive but despite all that everyone still got tons of work done! We had at least 4 December Daily albums being worked on using my Masterclass kit and loads of prep work for the layouts using the December kit. I was really impressed at just how much was actually achieved, looks like a party atmosphere gets everyone creating!!

I knew that today was going to be nuts from the outset - we had loads of things scheduled in the diary before we had even started the day! Jack had two appointments for tests at the hospital, one directly after the other which took a while. We barely had time for a quick coffee at Dave's parents' before we were off to Jack's 6th form college for a consultation evening. Neither of these things were at all Christmassy but I still think its important to include this sort of stuff - we live in the real world where life can't be festive 24/7. The page on the right unfolds to reveal three spaces for photos and/or journaling which is great for days when you have loads going on. I like that the page closes up so the journaling is hidden away and yet the page still looks pretty in my album. It really has been a crazy, crazy day and it felt good to sit down, get it into my album and then just let it go..... Do you include days like this in your albums or do you prefer to stick to the 'pretty days'?

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