Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My back has gone!

I'm flat on my back unable to move after my back went early this morning. The doctor has just left and Dave has to pick up my prescription in an hour or so but until then I am in agony! I can't move without my back going into spasm, its no fun at all.

I'm really upset because its Kent club this evening and I was so looking forward to seeing everyone as its our last club before Christmas. Pauline is going to run club for me tonight so everyone can still get together and Mum is coming over to look after me for a few days. Everyone is being so lovely and I hate being laid up - fingers crossed that this settles down as quickly as it has flared up.


CarolynUK said...


Hope you feel better soon hun

scrapjackie said...

from one cripple to another....get well soon, hope the air is not as blue as it is in my house!!! I would give you a hug but I cant
bend down to give you one!!! lol ouch! jackie xxx