Monday, 8 December 2008

Back from a weekend in Nottingham

We're just back from a fab weekend away visiting Dave's Dad and his partner in Nottingham (well, actually just outside but close enough!). We've seen a lot of them recently as they were down staying with us last weekend and we had planned a trip up to them ages ago but it has been really lovely to spend time together. I've been to Nottingham a few times but never had the time to just wander and enjoy it - there is a great outdoor ice rink in the centre and loads of German market stalls. We had a great time looking at all the gorgeous things for sale and then warmed up with a steaming mug of Gluhwein - our cockles were very warm after!!
This was the first time I had met the extended family and we all got on really well - we put X Factor on and opened a few bottles of wine and it was as if we'd known each other for years! I laughed so much that I was aching when we left!! I've been lucky with my 'In Laws' in the past and feel that I have been really blessed this time as we all get on so well and really like each other.
I was told more than a few stories over the weekend (most of them horror stories about their experiences with Dave's ex), they really can't stand her but feel that they have to be nice in order to get to see the Grandchildren. They even felt obliged to buy her a Christmas present because they were afraid that she'd kick off and stop them seeing the kids. Its the same with Dave's Mum and step-Dad really, they felt they had to be nice just to keep contact when they really despise her. His Dad takes the view that they can put on a brave face a couple of times a year when they come down - but they really don't like it. Shame really, life is too short for this sort of thing.
This weekend was a much-needed break after the hectic past few weeks and we were well and truly spoiled. I'm really looking forward to going up again!

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