Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Lost and Found

We've started sorting through the boxes of stock from Saturday's crop and I've come across the lost property bag so I thought we'd try and re-home these few items!

We found a pair of glasses just outside the doors of the main hall when we came to pack up. They have brown frames and are in a red soft Specsavers case. I'm thinking someone MUST be missing these by now! If they are yours, you're probably squinting to see the screen right now! LOL!

We also came across a large pair of purple handled scissors in the Cricut Jukebox when we packed it away. I have favourite pairs of scissors and would hate to be parted from mine so if they are yours let me know and I'll reunite you!

The subscription kits are going in the post this week so I can always pop these items in with your kit if you came from a distance away. So far we have always managed to match up lost property so just give me a shout and we can get your missing items back to you.

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