Tuesday, 7 August 2012

We are on Twitter!

The world of social media offers so many different ways of communicating with one another and so far we have focussed on a few but it has become apparent that different people prefer different methods and we need to offer something for everyone.  For this reason we have started a Twitter account where you can find quick updates on everything related to Total Papercrafts.

If you don't know about Twitter, its a social networking and micro blogging site where text-like messages are posted.  You are limited to just 140 characters so tweets are short and to the point - perfect for those who want quick info. 

Our username is @TPapercrafts if you would like to follow us on Twitter and receive all of our updates.  We have also used the hash tag of #TotalPapercrafts if you search for trending articles.  Its early days but we will be building on our tweets with news, updates and more!

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