Friday, 11 May 2012

A special gift album....

I rarely make anything to give as gifts because my time is completely filled with designing for work but there are some occasions that are very special and for those I am prepared to put myself out.  Recently both my friends Lindsey and Melissa safely delivered beautiful babies - Lindsey had Samuel and Melissa had Amelia.  Those of us who are friends with them went through quite a journey along with them both through pregnancy and the eventual wonderful news of the arrivals.  Its times like these when I really feel the need to show my love for those close to me by creating something by hand that is unique and very personal so I created albums for both Lindsey and Melissa using kraft card, lunch bags and a gorgeous paper line from Stampin' Up.  I'm not an SU rep or anything, I saw this particular paper pack and loved it for both the babies so bought two of them from Pauline!

I gave Lindsey her album a week or so ago and realised that I had completely forgotten to photograph it.  I could have kicked myself because I photo all of my work as a record and so show it on here when I can!  The papers have pinks, blues and browns in them so for baby Samuel I used more of the blues and browns and for little Amelia I was able to play up the pinks and browns.  So before I give Melissa her album tomorrow I made the time to take some photos and share them on here.  Btw, she has no idea that this is coming her way so if she reads this before tomorrow - SURPRISE!!

I went through my stash to find as many baby girl embellishments as I could, despite only having a boy it was shocking just how much stuff I still had!  I created a fold-out photo mat on the 1st lunch bag page and there are hidden tags in the top of the bag for even more photos.
The base of the paper bag is folded up to create a pocket for more tags, photos or any other memorabilia that Melissa may have and want to keep.    
I created a waterfall of photomats to allow even more photos to be added to the album and make them easy to flick through.

The right-hand page lift by the tassel charm to reveal another photo mat and the lines on the patterned paper page opposite allow tons of space for journaling.  The stories and memories of the very early weeks can so easily be lost in the fog of sleepless nights so I wanted to give an easy place to quickly write them down.

The pages didn't upload in the exact order that they are in the album but I think it gives a good idea of the finished result.  It is very pretty and feminine with flowers and butterflies throughout and offers oodles of space for photos and stories both on the actual pages and on the tags tucked in the top of each bag.  I know that the last thing that a new mum feels like doing is probably sitting down and scrapbooking, so I wanted to make it as easy as possible to pop photos and memories into this album to make it a family keepsake.  I really hope that Melissa likes it because it nearly killed me making it on top of everything else I have on the go right now!! LOL!!

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