Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Just glue some gears on it and call it Steampunk!!

A little while ago Michelle from the Essex club sent me a link to a youTube video that she was sure I'd find funny.  I sceptically clicked on it and have to say she was bang on - it was hilarious!  I thought that I'd share it on here today so you too can have a giggle......
I love Steampunk when its done well, it adds a fun, whimsy and edgy style to our technique repertoire and is great for guy pages but like all things when its done badly it can be awful.  I love the computer keyboard in the vid with a row of gears stuck across the top as an example of just how crappy it can be!!  They do a pretty good job of defining the style in the vid too, just in case you were wondering what this Steampunk thing was all about.  Enjoy!!

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