Thursday, 17 May 2012

Scrapbook paper + Pinterest = home decor!

Last night at club some of us were having a chat about what to do with the scraps of paper we have left over.  I'm running a series of free projects using our kit leftovers called 'Scrap your Scraps' but of course there is so much more you can do with smaller pieces of paper.  While browsing Pinterest I came across this simple idea from where similar sized pieces of different matching papers are framed and hung as a grouping to create a gorgeous piece of home decor.

Equally simple to create is this wall clock found at made using a simple board covered with scrapbook paper and a cheap clock mechnism.  You could match the paper to the colours and style of your room for a high-end look at very low cost.
Here's another idea from - wrap hardback books with scrapbook paper to create colourful decor items that you can group together with photos and other items for an eclectic arrangement.  This is really simple and can be changed whenever you change your mood or your mind.

I hope that these have inspired you to take another look at your scrapbook paper scraps and use them to make pretty things for your home.  Have fun!

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