Thursday, 18 September 2008

Going, going, gone!

It was hectic last night, we were at club for most of the evening and then it was back to release the classes for October and November. No sooner had I clicked to make them active than they started flying out - it really was amazing to watch! It wasn't long before all of the classroom places sold out so I have now released the kits only for both of the November classes so no need to panic if you missed them last night. These kits are still only for those booked onto the crop but if I have any left after the crop I will release them and let everyone know.

We are expecting our German exchange student Kylie this evening, in fact we have now been asked to host two students as one of the families pulled out with just 2 days to go. We are fortunate to have the spare rooms to accomodate both of them and I have a current CRB check which has become an essential requirement for school exchange programmes. The school didn't realise this fact until the beginning of this week which has caused all sorts of problems, I just hope it doesn't spoil this leg of the exchange for the students. So, we now have both Kylie and another boy staying with us for 10 days - a house full of teenagers, what have I let myself in for??!! I put together a gift bag to welcome Kylie and now I've got to put together something similar for a teenage boy. Kylie's was easy - we put in some fluffy slipper socks, travel sizes of all sorts of essential toiletries and a big bar of Dairy Milk chocolate but I'm a bit stumped about this second one. There aren't as many travel sizes for guys, he probably won't appreciate pink fluffy socks so I'm left with a bar of chocolate - what the heck do I add??

Off to put on my thinking cap.......

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