Saturday, 13 September 2008

Dog tired!!

They think its all over - well it is now!! We're home, unpacked and unwinding after a great day at our crop. It was fab to be literally a few minutes from home because I had more than a few blonde moments and forgot a few bits including Jackie's t-shirt. Dad was hoping that his birthday present would be her working topless in the shop all day!!

I had a blast in class but I think there are a few tired teddies out there this evening who did them all and are paying the price now. We are all feeling it a bit too but we're off out later to celebrate Dad's birthday so there's no rest for the wicked! Jack has his eye on the couple of giant cupcakes left over, I have to say I've never seen a cupcake as big as those ones were but he'll have to wait till later or he won't eat his tea - they were virtually a meal in themselves!

Anyway, I need to put my feet up while I can as I am bushed!

Take care, K

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Anonymous said...

thanks for a brilliant day saturday my 1st time at crop but loved it, head down never gave outside world a thought bliss