Thursday, 25 September 2008

Daisy Ds at 25p a sheet!

daisy Ds are having a sale at the moment which means I've been able to get some fabulous paper at amazing prices which I'm able to pass on!! I've added the papers to the shop today and at 25p a sheet they are cheaper than the usual wholesale price - how bonkers is that!!

I used some of these papers a little while ago for a crop class and I've added the pic of the sample page here so you can see how they work together. The top of the page is a flap for hidden journaling or more photos - if you would like the instructions for this page just put a note in the comments box when you order your paper and I'll email it to you.

Update on the German exchange......we caught the two German students in bed together last night! We heard movement and talking just before we went up to bed and a few minutes later I knocked on the bedroom door to be told that she was on the phone and I was passed out the house phone. A minute or so later we heard more giggling and talking so Dave checked on the boy's room to find it empty. We both went into the girl's room to find them in the bed together - we were mortified! He was unceremoniously turfed out of there and back to his own room and we called their teacher to let him know what had happened. Needless to say we are both shattered today as we didn't really sleep well through worrying about it and having half an ear open all night! I didn't really expect this kind of thing at 13, I'm not naive enough to expect that there wouldn't be interest in the opposite sex but that they would be so blatant about it as to hop into bed together was a real shocker. Jack is going to get a talking to before he goes over on the return trip!!


Suzanne Alves said...

Hi Karen

Please can I have the instructions for the Daisy D layout it looks great.



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I can just imagine the look on your faces when you opened the door!!!!!
Kids certainly seem to be growing up much faster these days but they surely had some nerve!!
Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight.

Kim xxxx