Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Germans have landed!

Completely against stereotype, the German exchange coaches arrived very late yesterday evening after a delay with the ferry and despite the fact that they had been on the go since 4am UK time, they were quite fresh. I think I'd be in desperate need of a cuppa and a bed but they were both fine - thats youth for you I suppose!

Over dinner we discovered that the 2 students didn't even know each other, never mind us so it has been a bit quiet as they are both shy. I could get used to the super polite manners they have though, I thought Jack was polite but they are in a whole other league! Hopefully they'll all start to relax as they get to know each other a bit better and have fun together. They are getting together with others from the exchange tonight as we'd previously booked tickets to see Nickelback at the O2. I hate to leave them so soon into their stay but they are really looking forward to it so hopefully its a win/win situation. Fingers crossed that we have good seats so I can get some pics to scrap!!

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